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Meet Our Friends.

Our Partner Program Connects Customers with Leading Companies Dedicated to Spreading Improvement

Gemba Academy
Gemba Academy provides extremely high quality online video training about Lean, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement for individuals and groups. By leveraging leading edge technologies, such as high definition (HD) video delivered via a global network of servers on high bandwidth connections, Gemba Academy can deliver high quality training, on demand, anywhere in the world. Gemba Academy was created by three of the leading providers of Lean transformation knowledge and services. Their experience and networks allows them to tap into the best content and knowledge resources.
Next Change
NextChange is a Dutch firm that specializes in Operational Excellence, the operationalization of strategy and the optimization and innovation of business processes. Methods used for this include the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and change management. NextChange has much experience in the healthcare, technical services and telecom industries. To learn more, visit their website and their KaiNexus information page. Next Change is our partner for translating and selling KaiNexus in The Netherlands and Belgium.
Baldrige Success Strategies
Baldrige Success Strategies, LLC is a firm serving a niche market of organizations that are passionate about business excellence.  Baldrige Success Strategies, LLC is a resource to organizations committed to the performance improvement journey and the Baldrige Framework. Baldrige Success Strategies, LLC offers a comprehensive list of services ranging from the development of your organizations Mission, Vision and Values, writing award applications and documentation of business processes to oversight of your performance improvement efforts.
The Mission of the Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation is to help prevent medical errors by ensuring patients and families have the KNOWLEDGE they need to promote a safe hospital experience for their loved ones, and to support innovative advancements in patient safety. Their greatest hope is that families, patients, and caregivers will work together as a TEAM to improve safety in hospitals. Read more about Louise Batz’ story and learn more about the Foundation. Read the Batz Patient Guide and check out their iPad app.
BlueBin specializes in lean supply chain solutions for healthcare organizations.  They install a robust system called BlueBin Technology, that has been recognized as the best supply chain distribution system in healthcare, that immediately increases patient focus, cuts costs and eliminates waste.  BlueBin Technology utilizes a “two-bin” kanban system supported by best in class analytical software. The benefits of the BlueBin system are immediate. BlueBin Technology is not a flow chart or text book theory. You can touch it, see it work, and measure its impact.
Karen Martin

The Karen Martin Group provides consulting, coaching and facilitation support to global organizations in all stages of transformation. Through the adoption of Lean principles and proven management practices, organizations are able to deepen and accelerate business performance to levels they didn’t believe were possible. President Karen Martin is a two-time Shingo Research Award-winning author and her team carries some of the deepest experience in the industry.