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Video and Articles, Article and Videos

April 10, 2020


Let’s focus on a few videos today…

Flattening the curve in 1 min from a great ER doc


Social distancing in ½ min with ping pong balls and mouse traps


A cough at the supermarket


This is a band all the kids can’t stop talking about and they just dropped a new song/video in the Covid Era

Here are a few articles…

Evidence of wearing masks from the BMJ


Cities more successful in limiting the pandemic of 1918 had stronger economies for it (I wrote about this concept in my How about Corona and the Economy? email. Thank you NY Times with the well-researched article).



Many of these videos and articles were sent to me. Thanks, everyone for sending me the high-value stuff. Keep sending it and I’ll keep riffing.

Stay emotionally connected and physically distant,