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So I got this process

April 13, 2020


Of course, you have a process, Greg, of course, you do. 

Many of you know that I can go deep and I can get intense about things. I have been passionate about continuous improvement (CI) for a long time. 

One of the paramount principles in CI is to get a little better every day. Another principle is if you can improve a process by investing 10 min today that ultimately saves you 1m every day in the future, you should do that. The ROI on that is obvious. Another principle is to copy other people’s ideas and improve on them. 

So, it is in this spirit that I share with you my daily COVID educational process. I also have an asked at the bottom for you. 

I have created a new persona in my Chrome browser called COVID. Here are my startup pages. 

Travis County COVID-19 Public Impact Dashboard 

Find your county and what your curve

COVID-19 Information for Hays County Residents | Hays County  

Hays is the next-door county and the county I am shattering in

Map: Track COVID-19 cases in Texas, county-by-county updates

The state dashboard is good.

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count - The New York Times

Nice visuals of the whole country

United States Coronavirus

My go-to counter. We all have one.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) live map tracker 

Because one counter isn’t enough sometimes. 

U.S. Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

I like the visual on the cases added per day. 

Coronavirus: Mapping COVID-19 Confirmed Cases and Deaths Globally

 I like that visual on the different counties - tells a different story

A Guide to State Coronavirus Lockdowns - WSJ

A good reference to understand a particular curve

When the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Peak in Each State

The title pretty much sums it up. 


Fascinating modeling for when every country and state will have their peak 

Shelter in Place Index: The Impact of Coronavirus on Human Movement

I just found this one. This is really really really cool. They are using anonymized cell data to see how well people are staying home.

I don’t go to all these pages every day. The more you go down the list the less frequent I visit them. 

I also subscribe to:

Medscape Medical New COVID Daily (really cool COVID-19 infographics)

New England Journal of Medicine

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Situation Updates

I don’t read every article but a few here and a few there. 

Honestly, the stuff people send me are the best. I read those as people tend to send me the good stuff. Almost all of it ends up in an email at some point. 

My cousin says she loves the Texas Bar Daily News (she is a lawyer). Interesting to see all the COVID implications in all the different disciplines. If you are a Texas lawyer and don’t already get it, you may be interested in signing up. Some interesting legal topics related to COVID from today. 

SO HERE IS MY ASKTell me what you do to stay educated? How can I improve this process?

Stay emotionally connected and physically distant,


PS: A good friend sent me this. It the Austin Ukulele Society monthly get together that went virtual and became global with 400 ukulele players all playing Three Little Bird and Let it Be. Kinda cool.