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Tonight is for...

April 3, 2020


Tonight is for the nurses, medics, respiratory therapists, lab technicians, radiology technicians, ultrasonographs, security people, registration, janitorial staff, transporters, social workers, caseworkers, clergy, administrators, maintenance, computer programmers, IT folks, telephone operators, operating room orderlies, pharmacists, volunteers, safety equipment manufactures, ventilator makers, drug companies, medical device companies, researchers, PhDs, and doctors.

It takes a lot of people to run a hospital, and I’m sure I forgot more than I remembered. 

And, here is a more meaningful thank you note from an 8 yr old many of you know…


Stay emotionally connected and physically distant,


PS: The initial data about convalescent serum therapy is promising. Here is a helpful non-medical article, and here is the medical one. If this does prove to be beneficial, it would be rather cool because the concept of the recovered people being able to help the infected people is a beautiful thought.