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History Lesson (part 2)

April 5, 2020


Yesterday, in History Lesson (Part 1), we learned that social distancing is not unprecedented in the US. Well here is Part 2.

We have been talking about two different things all humans can do to fight this virus... social distancing and mask-wearing. Interestingly, the US was leading the charge on mask-wearing during the Spanish Flu. Interestingly, wearing a mask was not just advised but it was illegal to leave your house in some places in the US. Unfortunately, we have been late to the game 102 years later.

Check out this story. Here is a crazy image…

Mask wearing from 1918 flu


Here is another example of the concept that to know where you are going, you must know where you’ve been. 

And here is the surgeon general Dr. Jerome Adams US Surgeon General showing how to make a mask with stuff lying around the house.


Stay emotionally connected, physically distant, and wear a mask cuz its what we did 100 years ago, 


PS: Yes, it appears as though animals other than Humans can get an illness from this virus. I would not want to be the person that had to do the swab on that kitty cat.