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Destiny, Interconnectedness, and 3 Doctors

April 6, 2020



The thing that gives me the most hope, the absolute most, is that we can control this. Our destiny is not predetermined. We control our destiny. 


This pandemic has made me think of how interconnected we are. We are interconnected immediately when we are in the same room and the world is completely interconnected in just a few short days. This pandemic is reminding us of that fact.

Mikael Thalen Tweet

Here is a quote from Daily Dharma speaking on the interconnectedness of all living things:

To see into the interconnectedness of all living things is to see how all living things are part of a unified field that contains all, and at the same time to see that this entire field is embodied by each being. —Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, “The Need of the Hour

Here is a place you can go to see if your county is at risk to have an epidemic. It is a data-driven way to say that all placing in the US are connected. Thank you to the University of Texas at Austin for doing this important work. 

3 Doctor Stories

I believe these are all great examples of leadership. Leadership takes many different forms. I’m not sure if we can have too much leadership during this time. 

  • A statement from Dr. David Fleeger, TMA President: We will not tolerate any discrimination. Strong and to the point. Well done.

  • A daily radio show from Dr. Drew Colfax (a friend from residency days) helping the rural community in Mendicino County, CA get answers about Covid-19. 

  • An example of the medical community needing more time to understand this disease. If we have more time, we will have better outcomes. Here is a message to other doctors saying this may not be pneumonia that leads to the common severe pathway of ARDS that we are used to seeing. (Note to the other medical professionals reading this: The webinars from EMRAP are free and very high value. They have been doing one per week the last several weeks. There is one tonight.)


Stay emotionally connected and physically distant,