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Pandemics and Democracy

April 7, 2020


Today I thought I would write about democracy. With the Wisconsin primary election proceeding during this pandemic and Boris Johnson being sent to the ICU, I thought I would take a moment to think about democracy during this time. 

A good friend asked me to let everyone know there are socially distant sensitive ways to continue to participate. It's important to respond to the census and register to vote-by-mail (if applicable). Both are very important for the health of our democracy during this difficult time.


Most people will have received a census notice in the mail in the last week or so. Even without the notice, you can still respond online or by phone.


844-330-2020 (English)

844-468-2020 (Spanish)

Normally census workers begin canvassing non-respondents in early April. That will not be safe in many areas.


The Texas primary runoff election has been postponed until July 14. 

In Texas, anyone over 65 can submit a request to vote by mail, which is great since this is a group who would be most at risk from gathering at polling locations.


The vote.org website has great information on the current election status in all 50 states: https://www.vote.org/covid-19/


  • This visual from the New York Times reminds us why we are doing what we are doing. Not for the faint of heart when you realize it is showing the number of deaths. 
  • This is another way to make a mask out of stuff in the house. 
  • You enjoy yourself looking around this site with some great phans being part of the solution. 
  • This is a great natural remedy for this pandemic:
    • take 500 mustard seeds, 500 fennel seeds, and 500 grains of rice
    • Mix and leave in a bowl for 30 minutes
    • Empty on a large sheet and separate each into individual bowls
    • Repeat multiple times until pandemic is over and physical distancing is not needed

Stay emotionally connected and physically distant,