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The eye doesn't see what the mind doesn't know

April 9, 2020


A mentor of mine from residency taught me that the eye doesn’t see what the mind doesn’t know. Now, he was using that as justification to never stop learning about medicine but I have found it to be an immutable fact of life.

A good friend from medical school brought something to my attention a few days back. The “have-nots” are going to feel the pain of this pandemic a lot more than the “haves.” Now that she brought this up, I can’t help but seeing examples of this written up everyday…

  • The need for food banks is rising at an extraordinary rate. There will be a lot more hungry people than normal. 

  • If you would like to donate to a food bank type organization feeding people in Austin during this pandemic, check this place out

  • Poor people go to free and/or scaled pay clinics. Those clinics are hurting. This is an article that the prior mentioned medical school friend of mine sent to me. The clinic that she works at is struggling. It’s a complicated problem, there are no good answers. Read the article to get a feel for the problem.

  • You can donate to the clinic she works at here.

  • There are a ton of articles explaining how this will affect the poor disproportionately. Here is anotheranother, and just one more

  • Esther Dulfro, apparently a smart person, recommends giving money

  • I am just scratching the surface here. Do a google search on Covid & poor or Coronavirus & poverty to see for yourself. 

I know most of the people on this list are doing “alright,” they aren’t wondering where the next meal for their family will come from. So, its time to look around and see where you can swipe the proverbial card around on these internets. Find the group or cause that is meaningful and go for it.

Stay emotionally connected and physically distant, 


PS: Since my last postscript included a grandparent, I thought I would put another grandparent reference in tonight’s postscript. My grandfather used to say by the time the fat man becomes skinny the skinny man will die. He was justifying his belly, but the wisdom was not lost on me. I think this pandemic is another example of that metaphor.