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Info on the importance of Social Distance - how you can save the lives of fellow humans today.

March 15, 2020


I awoke this morning (3/15/20) and thought every rational and caring person that I know understood the importance of social distancing. I spent yesterday talking to dozens of people and getting dozens of small social events canceled. I thought my job was done. This morning I spoke to my close friend, a smart and compassionate person, and he was heading with his family to a bike shop and then the Container Store... I realize my job had just begun. 

I am an ER doc of 20 years and married to a double-boarded doc with more experience. I realize we have a unique perspective, and therefore, have a duty and obligation to educate and influence as many people as possible. You will never have another day in your life where you can literally make such a small sacrifice and potentially save the lives of dozens and perhaps hundreds or even thousands of people. This is not an exaggeration. 

If you care about your fellow humans, I would appeal to you to spend the next hour processing the following information (below email and links to articles) and then send the info to any person you know, especially anyone of influence or power. We will be on lockdown by Wednesday or Thursday as a country (hopefully earlier) and it will be 3 days too late for hundreds of thousands of people when they are dead in about 1 month. Mayor Adler's 250 person (Austin, Tx) ban on 3/14/20 is progressive and an OK start, but it needs to be restricted further ASAP.  This needs to happen everywhere. Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives will depend on these few days. 

I have no memory of ever asking people to forward on information that I send, but I am asking you to forward this and also talk to as many people as you can to tell them to stay home. 

Here are three more important resources: 

  • Up to date number of cases - look at the exponential curve - this should give you chills - it will be 12 days from complete shutdown before we can influence the curve - https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus




  • Attached is the updated graph from the US this morning (3/15/20) - this is profound and the most meaningful image we will look at for a very long time. 


It takes 12 days of total lockdown before you can change the nature of that curve. We are in for a world of hurt as a society if we don't flatten that curve. Italy is 12 days ahead of us. They are on day 6-7 of lockdown. They have another 7-8 of exponential growth. Take a look at their curve it is still going straight up exponentially. They have been out of ICU beds for days. 

Please be a part of the solution and influence others to be the solution as well. 

Stay physically distant,