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What the Heck Does Exponential Mean?

March 16, 2020


President Trump's announced restricting gatherings of greater than 10 people just now. I hope this will mark the turning point in convincing the masses to take this seriously, but there is still a lot of convincing left to be done! Being physically distant is hard! I almost messed up today as I had an annual A/C maintenance appointment scheduled weeks ago and he almost showed up today. 

Anyway, below is today's post continuing to explain the importance of physical distancing. My prediction is holding currently and hopefully we will be in a nationally forced lock down soon. By lockdown, I believe we will be able to get food and other essentials, but the government will focus on restricting how much human contact we have. Think about it, if the government completely prevents anyone from leaving their house, we will have a much bigger problem on our hands (there are 393 million guns out there!). So this will be focused on limiting not eliminating

To me this change of tide is helping me sleep better, but now we need to prepare for the onslaught of patients. I saw a model that predicts it will occur on week 5, and there will either be no shortages or there will be thousand and thousands of ICU shortages. So, I think it is too early to focus on the specific numbers. Hopefully, the leaders in our healthcare system are planning for this. 

So, I want to focus on what we CAN do... yes, thats right you guessed it. Stay home! Whatever the ultimate outcome, we can make it better by staying physically distant. If our ICU's don't have a shortage during this crisis, it will be because of what we do today. If you don't believe this, then you either don't understand the word exponential or you don't believe in math. If you don't believe in math, I can't help you. But, if you don't understand the word exponential, I can help... I wrote an awesome blog post! I put the text in this email below so you don't even have to click but if you want to read it on the blog here is the link.

I decided to focus today's post on understanding what the word exponential means because some people asked me in confidence to explain the word. It's been thrown around a lot and if you really don't understand the word, you won't understand the importance of being physically distant. To peek your interest, let me ask you one question. Would you rather have $2.6m or $5.3m dollars (especially if I told you you could make that in one day). If that peeks your interest, read the post. 



Please, please, please pass this information on to everyone you can think of! We have more work to do. 

Stay home. Save lives!

Stay physically distant,