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I am getting scangry!

March 17, 2020


The word is getting out and government entities are locking down. We still have TONS of work to do. Even more people need to follow physical distancing if you can believe that. Every interaction you eliminate matters. Yes, every single one. Doctors are now getting angry because people still aren't listening and healthcare facilities are not acting fast enough (see Mark Graban's post on LinkedIn and yes that's right he has 600k followers). I'll tell you I am a physician that is scared and angry. 

Please keep spreading the word. Send this to more people not just your friends. Send it to your bankers, general contractors rabbi's/priest's, principals, teachers, neighbors, yard people... people who you would not normally think of sending this too. TALK to those people and help them troubleshoot how they are going to do this. 

We are doing a Ask Us Anything about COVID-19 with three doctors tomorrow (Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics). ANYONE can register. Please pass it around. we are doing this because as doctors we think everyone has access to talk to a doctor because everyone we know does (see what I did there ;). But, I have become aware based on the huge outpouring of responses from my daily emails that that is not the case. So, if you or anyone you know would like to ask a doctor a question or three doctors a question register here

Stay physically distant,


PS: >1k new cases already today. Exponential is not fun.