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You want the good news or the bad?

March 19, 2020


I am adding lots of people to this list every day. I hope you are sending it to more and more people as well. So, I figured I would give the new people a little explanation of what I got them into... my personal efforts (actually there are lots of people at KaiNexus and so many others who are now involved) to teach everyone that we can all influence about exponential growth, physical distancing, and 95k ICU beds. 

Go here (https://www.kainexus.com/updates-from-greg-jacobson-covid-19) (hint start at the bottom of the page is you want to read it in chronological order) to see the prior emails and use whatever you want to convince as many people as you possibly can. Every one of us has a duty to convince as many people so we don't run out of ventilators (you or your loved one may be the one who needs one).

Also, we created a COVID-19 "pillar" page (https://www.kainexus.com/covid-19-resources) with all our content about COVID-19. This will be updated daily as well. 

The good...

Solutions to the human-condition in a Covid world will fill our hearts with love, joy, and hope and we need some love, joy, and hope... so I'm giving you some! And, I realize we also need to disseminate solutions about how we are going to get through this. So look for more of this type of stuff in upcoming emails.

Here are some great stories going on at our schools...


In the meantime, I believe our healthcare is "getting it" more and more every day. Elective visits and procedures are canceling right and left (if you have one, please cancel it now). I had a great call with a number of ER docs whom I work with, and it was an amazing conversation. Many of you may already know, but I only work two 24-hr shifts a month, so I don't meet many of the other ER doctors at my ER. This call made me realize that they are all smart, thoughtful, and motivated. We still have to think outside the box a little more, and we need to come up with ideas even faster, but after today, after seeing the news, and after talking to a number of my doctor friends, the wheels are starting to turn. We are already changing how emergency rooms do triage and the way we provide treatment processes. And, doctors are coming up with creative solutions to conserve masks and gowns (there are safe ways to do this)! Everyone has done the math and, if we throw them out after every use, we will run out in no time. In fact, as I am writing this, I just got a text from a friend whose brother's Long Island Hospital is already running out of supplies. We need to get better at this, and we are.

The bad...

There are still waaaaaaaay more people that still need to understand what's going on and what is about to happen if we don't stop it (hence my nightmare from yesterday). Remember, we are not trying to contain this virus anymore, we are trying to slow it down as much as humanely possible. Let me be very clear, EVERY transfer of the virus that we can stop NOW will save a life later (almost certainly more than one). Literally every single interaction with another person matters. We simply have to flatten that curve. Physical distancing won't decrease the total number of cases anymore, but it will decrease the number of cases we will have at a single moment in time. 

  • Here is a great video (https://youtu.be/fgBla7RepXU) that may be the turning point for someone to finally get it. So, pass it around...  use and abuse the video. 

I also loved this thought... 
don’t think about "how do I avoid getting the virus" but pretend you already have it and ask yourself "how do I keep from giving it to anyone?"

With all this said, please do not get angry with the people you know who haven't figure it out yet. We need to convince them with love and compassion. Today's Daily Dharma quote speaks to this:

Instead of giving up on those who cause harm, we need to realize that they are seeking happiness but don’t know how to find it.

                                                     —Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, “Putting Down the Arrow

I would be lying if I told you that I really understand all of this completely. But I think it's clear, we need to show empathy to people that don't understand and we have a responsibility to humanity to slowly change their minds (like right this second).  

In the famous words of my very close friend and partner in crime, Matt Paliulis... its a marathon not a sprint. So I'm signing out for tonight. It's your turn to go spread the word.