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Faith, New York, and Retooling

March 22, 2020


This crisis is about to become personal for a lot of people. I just found out a longtime friend of mine has Covid-19. All indications are that she is recovering. A friend of a family member is hospitalized. Soon we will all have stories like these. 

Yesterday in response to my email someone sent me a quote that I have seen attributed both to the Jewish and the Christian scriptures... Pray as though everything depends upon God. Work as though everything depends upon you.

And then Andrea Roussel, a member of the KaiNexus family, sent me her thoughts on faith. The timing was perfect being that it is Sunday, and it was so touching and insightful, that we made it a guest post (https://blog.kainexus.com/sabbath-and-covid-19) on the KaiNexus blog. Please take the time to read it whether you are religious or not. 

It anyone still has any doubts still about whether physical distancing is critical now to get a handle on this, as if Italy wasn't enough, take a moment or two and please read about what is happening in New York right now, the healthcare system is on the brink (https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/internal-memos-chief-surgeon-york-presbyterian-hospital-revealed/story?id=69735650). I'm praying that the distancing we have done so far in other places spares us this spike but my gut says we need to still do more. 

I also wanted to share one more concept that I heard several times since my last email... its time to retool factories. If you know anyone anywhere that can influence the production of safety equipment (masks, gowns, hand sanitizer, etc), please have them start retooling now. Here is a cry from an ER doc on the frontlines of a hard hit place and then followed by a story of Anheuser Busch making hand sanitizer (hopefully its a lot of it and not just proof of concept):

That's all for now. Heading into my first Covid-era shift. I'll let you know how it goes...

In the meantime,

Stay emotionally connected and physically distant,