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Changing the Culture

March 27, 2020


Changing the Culture

I have been thinking a lot about masks. We need to change the meaning, the intention, the belief, and ultimately the relationship we have with wearing masks. 

To do this let’s change the meaning of wearing a mask. Let's start making mask-wearing a...

  • sign of respect for others as well as a sign of politeness

  • signal to everyone that you are taking this seriously

  • way to decrease the spread of Covid when you are asymptomatic

  • reminder (and a barrier) to not touch your face when you are outside so you don't get infected

There is little question that wearing a mask will help us reduce the spread of the Covid disease. Mask wearing will be an important part of maintaining social distancing while we are in the Dance. The quicker we can get everyone doing this the better. We don’t need them when we go out for a walk, but if we have deemed the trip as essential then wear a mask.  

We need to change our culture of mask-wearing immediately. In the famous words of Seth Godin, "People like us do things like this." So, start spreading the word and start wearing a mask 100% of the time when you are interacting in the world. 

It doesn't need to be a medical or N95 mask. Those should be donated to hospitals soon because they will run out. This is where we need to get creative and make or use homemade masks (great business opportunities here entrepreneurs ;). Let's go update our social media pics. As soon as possible, masks need to become a fashion statement, a statement of personality, a way we can get back to living a regular life again, and a way to reopen our economy. 

You think I’m crazy?

  • Remember when we didn't wear seatbelts? 
  • Remember when we smoked in restaurants?
  • Remember when we skied without helmets? 

Wide-spread mask use will be part of the Dance. Guaranteed. Sure, it will be awkward at first, but it will be a hell of a lot better than sitting home for months on end. 

Wearing a mask will signal that you care, that you are doing your part, and that you are part of the solution. The more of us that do it, the more it will tell everyone else that they need to get on board.

Let's go change the culture together!

Stay emotionally connected, physically distant, and where a mask!