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Love & Goodness

March 28, 2020


Today will be about stories of love and goodness that have come about from the CV pandemic. It's not an attempt to ignore the pain and suffering that is occurring. It's important to take a respite from the doom & gloom and focus on the inherent good in the world and in humanity specifically.

Here is just a random collection of stories and observations of love and goodness... 


A list of good things from KaiNexians:

  • Our local humane society is getting a ton of pets fostered right now since they're closed to the public. You can pick out the pet online (or they'll pick it for you), and then they'll bring it out to your car so that human interaction is as limited as possible. That's the place where I adopted my dog, so they've got a special place in my heart.
  • I've been reading a very good book about the spiritualist movement and the conflicts between psychics and skeptics. It's one of my favorite historic topics to learn about, and it's been a good read.
  • I've also been relistening to some of my favorite podcasts and having lots of laughs while I make good progress on my sewing.
  • Today is my brother's birthday and it's been combined with my niece’s first time crawling! A huge moment for my brother and me.
  • One of the schools in the next town over (Elon) had an elementary teacher parade. Teachers drove through the town in a parade waving to all of their students.
  • My friend's neighborhood has a bunch of little kids that all go to the same school.  The school has a violin class. It's really hard for first graders to learn the violin, and they were SUPER disappointed when school was canceled because they were missing the spring concert. The parents took them outside, lined them up far apart, and they performed for their socially distanced families.
  • Personally, what's brought me the most joy is the daily calls my daughter has with my Grandma - they talk twohours a day. I'm worried about both of them being lonely and depressed, so these calls are great. They read stories, play games, learn things (counting money was the big one this week), and Eliza carries Gigi all over the house finding things to play and talk about together.


Stay emotionally connected, physically distant, and wear a mask when you go out,