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KaiNexus Enables Collaborative Improvement at TBM Carriers


One of the most valuable features of continuous improvement software is the way it connects people throughout an organization so that they can take a unified approach to continuous improvement. Working together can be particularly challenging for companies with employees that work in multiple shifts and across multiple locations, because employees in those environments don't have a lot of face time with each other. After all - it's not like you can schedule a weekly meeting to go over each of your improvement projects, when your employees are spread out across the country or working opposite shifts! KaiNexus can help.

Take, for example, our customer TBM Carriers, a multi-national long haul trucking company. Laura Roe, TBM's CFO, explains their situation in this video.


In this video, Laura Roe says...

TBM is a long haul trucking company that goes from Mexico all the way up to Canada. we move products in and out of the United States and Mexico, which is a difficult transition. So we have a U.S. company, and we have a Mexico company.

We take a collaborative approach to continuous improvement, but we have multiple locations, so it makes it a bit of a challenge to get everybody to work together. Because of that, we're constantly looking for ideas and ways that we can move the company forward.

We've used KaiNexus to help solve a number of problems from measuring and working on financial improvements such as reducing our fuel costs, to getting a newly-purchased truck on the road faster. We use KaiNexus in improving safety, too; we've used KaiNexus in every department of the company.

We've used KaiNexus in every department of the company.

KaiNexus also gives us daily reports and emails, which we haven't had in the past, and it allows the president of our company to go at any point in time and see what everyone is doing. Our employees have found KaiNexus to be extremely user-friendly. Our leaders use it on a daily basis, and our employees use it on a daily basis. KaiNexus makes it easy to open projects and finish tasks. 

Our employees have found KaiNexus to be extremely user-friendly.

Saving $100,000 per month

We made a project to reduce our fuel costs, which is probably one of our largest expenses in the company. What was important was not only the negotiations, but also getting our drivers to go to the right fuel stations. We've seen so far about $100,000 per month in savings - about a $1.2 million savings per year - from that project.

What's next?

TBM is going to take KaiNexus next to the more entry-level employee, so that we can start gathering their thoughts and ideas in projects and get their input, as well as being able to help manage them so that we know what they're spending their time working on.  

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