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Using KaiNexus To Manage a

WorkOut Summary:

In an effort to reduce spending and meet the organization's budgetary goals of 2014, the Leadership Council at Texas Health Resources was asked to participate in a "90 Day Blitz." Participants each identified two cost-saving opportunities for improvement, and entered them into the KaiNexus system. Most people identified opportunities for improvement to implement in their own department, while other opportunities were assigned to other departments using the KaiNexus system.

During the first thirty days, participants brainstormed as many cost saving and revenue enhancing ideas as they could and logged them in the WorkOut in KaiNexus. WorkOut leadership then reviewed and assigned the approved ideas to participants to implement. 

Participants spent the next sixty days utilizing their PDSA and kata skills to implement at least one of their ideas, referring to event leadership for coaching on a just-in-time basis. The quantifiable and qualifiable impact of each idea was logged in KaiNexus.


Results from the WorkOut

$2,600,000 of Total Impact
230 Improvements


The 77 participants in this event identified and resolved 141 opportunities for improvement, with 49% resulting in an improvement in finances, quality, safety, and/or satisfaction. Here's the breakdown of the impact their opportunities for improvement had:

  • $2,038,384 recurring cost savings
  • $16,640 one-time cost savings
  • $461,025 recurring revenue generation
  • 373 hours saved per year
  • 10 improvements to quality
  • 7 improvements to patient and staff satisfaction

Big Ideas: 

  • 50 improvements had over $10,000 of financial impact each (annualized savings)
  • 17 improvements had over $50,000 of financial impact each (annualized savings)
  • 5 improvements had over $100,000 of financial impact each (annualized savings)

Sample Opportunity for Improvement


Change Staff Meeting Model

  • Problem Description:  We currently schedule staff meetings for when some people have to come in when they're not scheduled for a regular shift. This increases paid hours.
  • Implemented Solution:  Change staff meetings to allow staff to attend while on regularly scheduled shifts at least quarterly to decrease paid hours.
  • Impact:
    - $1,800 per month saved by reducing the number of extra hours worked by nurses to attend staff meetings
    - Significant impact on staff satisfaction
    - Predicted increased staff retention

The Role of KaiNexus in a WorkOut:

  1. Structured improvement management

    Because KaiNexus consolidates all improvement work into a unified system with a standard structure, the Leadership Council was able to train all participants to use just one system, regardless of the scope or nature of their chosen projects. The flexibility of the software enabled all leaders to manage their projects as needed, without having to conform to a new, prescriptive methodology.

  2. Notify the right people of the right information, at the right time

    Communication between 77 people about 141 opportunities for improvement was managed in KaiNexus using active notifications that kept the right people in the loop about progress and needs without burdensome email traffic and unnecessary delays. 

  3. Calculate and report on the ROI of each project, and the WorkOut as a whole

    The impact of all improvement work is logged in KaiNexus upon completion of each project, so it's easy for leaders to see the impact of the individual projects and the WorkOut in both quantitative (cost saving, revenue generating, and time saving) and qualitative (safety, satisfaction, and quality) areas. 

  4. Ensure a lasting impact

    KaiNexus creates a permanent institutional body of knowledge of improvement work, ensuring that the process and results of each WorkOut project are available to staff throughout the organization, at any time.