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 Improve at Every Level

Continuous Improvement Software Drives Change that Sticks 


Continuous improvement software supports improvement cultures throughout every stage of their development. Whether you're just starting out, spreading across your organization, or sustaining a thriving culture, improvement software is the platform you need to succeed.


Bottom-Up Improvement

Bottom-Up Improvement

80% of your improvement potential comes from your front-lines. Harness that potential for an improvement culture that sticks.

Top-Down Improvement

Top-Down Improvement

Events and projects help you meet strategic goals. Manage them all in a single platform to accelerate progress and increase impact.

Strategy Deployment


Align top-down and bottom-up improvement across your organization for powerful, cohesive strategy deployment. Pull in the same direction.

 What Makes it Work?

If Your Improvement Management System Is Missing These Features, You Are Not Reaching Your Full Potential


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Improvement Software

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 Challenges Solved by Improvement Software

Accelerate Improvement. Increase Engagement. Drive a Greater Impact.


Organizations have traditionally used a hodgepodge approach to structuring their improvement management. Perhaps a company manages daily improvement with a physical Kaizen board that hangs on the wall. They send email updates about the board. They create a permanent record by taking pictures of the notecards and saving them in a shared file. They do the same with A3s and Value Stream Maps. They list and organize their improvements by file name in a spreadsheet, so they can search them later. They turn to project management software for larger initiatives and task management tools to manage little improvements. Every department has its own method. Some have even gone so far as to solicit the help of the IT department in building a SharePoint site.

Over time, this system will be called on to handle more ideas and implement more improvements than it can handle. They'll be unable to respond quickly enough, and their employees’ enthusiasm wanes quickly. Cross-functional collaboration becomes a joke, and a lack of standardization makes reporting and measuring the impact of improvement impossible. The percentage of ideas actually implemented drops because they can’t keep up with the tasks, the data, or the updates.


Continuous improvement software is the all-in-one platform you need to simplify, standardize, and spread your process.



Get insight into engagement, impact, and activity with reports that drill down to any level of the organization. Know where your help is needed, track progress toward goals, and know who is working on what.


Impact Summary
Cross-Functional Teams


Empower cross-functional teams to collaborate regardless of time or distance. Give them insight into what their team is working on, store all data in a single location, and keep everyone in the loop with smart notifications.



Get the information you need to monitor your improvement culture. Activity, engagement, and impact reports make sure that everyone has the details they need to spread and sustain improvement.


Impact Summary
Engagement Email


Get more people involved in your improvement culture with features that inspire innovation, promote knowledge sharing, and keep improvement in the forefront of everyone's minds.



Get everyone on the same page with software that aligns daily improvements with strategic inititiaves. Ensure that your entire organization is engaged in achieving your goals.

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