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How Does KaiNexus Work?

See How KaiNexus Helps Leading Companies

Create Improvement Cultures That Actually Stick 


  • KaiNexus takes a lot of the burden of improvement off of our managers while increasing transparency and communication for everyone. Tania Lyon St_Clair_White.png
  • KaiNexus increases visibility, enabling us to spread and share improvements across our large, dispersed organization. Alice Quesenberry Qorvo_White
  • We've identified over 1600 improvements with KaiNexus, and implemented over 75% of them with an impact of nearly two million dollars. Ron Smith MGMC_white.png

 An Improvement Culture is Built on Three Pillars:

Improvement Leadership

Support The Habits That Drive an Improvement Culture




Sustain Commitment to Improvement


Commit to continuous improvement, and make
sure everyone knows.

Engage Leaders in Improvement


Increase engagement in improvement from your
staff and leaders.

Be a Better Improvement Coach


Know where coaching is
needed, and make the most of your time there.

Organize Improvement


Get instant access to the information you need to understand your culture.

Improvement Methodology

Establish a Process That Spreads and Sustains Momentum.




Simple Improvement Methodology


Create a methodology that is simple enough for everyone to participate without extensive training.

Consistent Improvement Methodology


Get everyone speaking the same language for a unified improvement culture.

Disciplined Improvement Methodology


Make improvement a part of everyone's job. Strive for every person improving every task, every day.

A Three Tiered Approach to Improvement: