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Increase Engagement

Spread Your Improvement Culture


Every Person Has Two Jobs

Do Their Work & Improve It

  • In our organization, we have two jobs: to do your job, and to improve your job. We help our employees do that every day with KaiNexus. Karen Kiel Rosser Mary Greeley Medical Center
  • KaiNexus enables us to harness our improvement energy by giving us the structure to support and encourage our employees. Matthew Cannistraro Cannistraro
  • KaiNexus empowers the people who directly impact outcomes. It may be the most powerful tool in the health care cultural revolution. Kristin Bentz LeeHealth

The Right Technology Engages People At Every Level

With an Average Annual Impact of $6,000 per Person, 
The ROI of Engagement Really Adds Up



Engage leaders with an overview of improvement and impact. Empower them to track progress toward strategic goals and contribute in real-time.



Keep managers engaged with greater visibility into improvement. Give them the platform they need to coach and communicate more effectively and efficiently.



Encourage staff to engage in both daily improvement and strategic initiatives by making it easy to identify opportunities, implement improvements, and report success.

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Eliminate Barriers to Improvement

If It's Too Hard to Participate, No One Will

Simplify Your Improvement Process

Unite your improvement efforts to get  everyone speaking the same language and pulling in the same direction. Develop a cohesive, flexible process that will work for everyone.


Eliminate Technical Difficulties

Your software should be easy enough that everyone can participate.  KaiNexus provides an intuitive platform that can be customized to give each person just the right information and responsibility.

Improve Visibility and Collaboration

Empower Employees with the Information They Need
When and Where They Need It


Engage From

Tune in to improvement from any screen with KaiNexus. Log in to see updates from your team, track activity and engagement levels across your organization, and collaborate with anyone.



Any Screen


Get out of your inbox and into KaiNexus by commenting directly on each improvement to keep everyone in the loop. You focus on improvement. We’ll keep track of the back and forth for you.



Share Boards With Anyone
From Anywhere

Bring classics like Kanban and Kaizen Boards to the digital world. Create new boards to track processes like Strategy Deployment, Gemba Walks, and Huddles. Be everywhere at once with digital boards that supercede time and space.



Improvement Boards

Inspire Others To Get In The Game

Lead With A Carrot, Not With A Stick

Recognize and Reward Rockstars

Give a shout out to the people who are improving with built-in recognition features that let you reward engagement and encourage additional participation.


Badge Email Notification

Share Successes 
Large and Small

Share improvements across your organization to motivate more people to get involved, demonstrate that each improvement matters, and spread new ideas.


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