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Leader-Driven Improvement



The Right Technology Empowers Leaders to Succeed

Leadership Behaviors Will Make or Break Your Improvement Culture



Achieve KPIs

Setting and communicating your strategic goals is just the first step of the equation in actually achieving them.


See the Big Picture

Assess the health of your culture with real-time engagement and impact metrics. Know how you're doing to know where to improve.



Zero in on the Details

Drill down into activity metrics to understand the engagement levels of both individuals and locations.


The Savvy Leader's Guide to Employee Engagement

Technology Supports Leader-Driven Improvement

The Transparency You Need to Sustain Improvement

[Watch Now] Top-Down Improvement Software Demo

Engage From Anywhere

The first step to getting people to participate in your improvement culture is to make it easy for them by letting them submit ideas for improvement from whatever device they’re using when they come up with idea. KaiNexus lets people send in ideas using an app, email, or any computer or tablet. 

Any Screen
Attribute Reporting

Transparency & Accountability

Transparency increases accountability. Empower managers to lead more effectively by giving them visibility into everything from high-level metrics to low-level details.

Resource Allocation

Track staff and leader improvement workloads to understand your resource availability and allocate the right people to each improvement and project.