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Advanced ROI

Dig Deeper into Revenue and Cost


You Need to Report an Accurate ROI

KaiNexus Can Help

Multiple Currencies


Have a global organization? No more wasting time and trouble with foreign currencies. With this add-on feature, each location uses their own local currency to track cost, revenue, and more.

Let us take care of the math.

Advanced ROI Currencies
Advanced ROI Production

Track Boosts in Production

Add all of your products and their value into KaiNexus so that you can track the impact to the bottom line as you make improvements that increase production. Get a more accurate impact of how improvement affects your revenue stream.

Keep Count of Resources

When you make improvements that decrease your use of specific resources, wouldn't it be great to know what you're saving? Add any resource from electricity to raw materials and their values to KaiNexus, and watch the savings stack up. 

Advanced ROI Resource
Advanced ROI - Custom Impact

ROI Tracking

Identify the cost savings, revenue generation, and time savings of improvements in your organization over the long term. Identify the exact timing of your financial impact for the most accurate impact data.