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Add Approval Steps to Your Improvement Process


Drive Each Improvement Through YOUR Improvement Cycle

Error-Proof Your Workflows


FInancial Impact

Confirm Impact

Make sure the ROI you report is accurate by sending the impact of any improvement directly to the Finance Department for approval.

Request Approval

Request Approval

Establish an approval process that works for YOUR company. Include the right people in each improvement, at the right time.

Audit Improvement

Audit Improvement

Create a structure for auditing improvements of any type, from anywhere in your organization, by any team or individual.

Standardize Improvement

Configure your workflows to fit the precise needs of your organization. Every improvement goes through the same checkpoints along the way, and nothing slips through the cracks. 

Milestones Selection

Increase Accountability

Providing your team with clear expectations and a standard process empowers them to get their improvement work done efficiently and effectively.

Accurate Reporting

While anyone using KaiNexus is able to drill down into the financial impact of their improvements, the milestones add-on makes it possible for your finance team to review impact BEFORE improvements are completed, ensuring that your reported results are accurate. 

Finance Audit Card
Network Growth

Scalable Growth

When you can't be everywhere at once, you need to know that your standard process is being followed across the organization.

The Milestones Add-On lets you error-proof your system by giving you the power to define your improvement cycle and ensure that everyone sticks to it.