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Simplify Communication & Collaboration

For Improvement Teams Small & Large



Build a Team

Unite both local and dispersed teams around improvement. Whether you’re working on daily improvements, events, or projects, you can assemble teams in KaiNexus with the click of a button.

Use KaiNexus to estimate how long improvements and projects will take, log hours spent working on them, and track the estimated time remaining. Collaborating on improvement projects has never been more straightforward.

Team w Time Tracker.jpg
Visibility into Improvement Team Workload

Delegate The Work

Assign improvements to the people who will get the job done. Know where improvements originate and the workloads of your team. When improvements are completed, give credit where credit is due by specifying who drove the impact.  KaiNexus makes it easy to pull people into the improvement process.


Streamline Collaboration

Work with cross functional teams by posting comments, tracking key metrics, and completing tasks. No matter how large or small your team or project is, KaiNexus keeps everyone in the loop.


Lean Team Communication
Lean Task Management

Lead Your Team

Stay connected with your team and promote accountability through smart notifications and a real-time activity log. See your team's progress, assign tasks, and approve their work in KaiNexus. 


Stay Informed

Follow improvements that matter to you and keep key stakeholders informed. Stay updated when there’s something new, and chime in when you have something to add.


Kanban Board

Incentivize Improvement

Instantly recognize people who are pitching in to improve your organization. KaiNexus badges employ gamification and social norms to engage staff while keeping you in the loop about who is meeting goals and doing well.


Team Huddle

Share boards to organize improvement and connect teams across your organization. Use digital displays in meeting spaces that your team can view and update from anywhere.


Digital Huddle Board