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How to Create Psychological Safety at Work Using the 5Cs

September 14 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm ET

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Presented by
Karyn Ross and Jessica House

I’m sure you’ve heard about the 5S’s in Lean. Doing 5S helps people stay physically safe and allows problems to be easily seen. But what about psychological safety? If you want the people in your organization to learn, improve and care for your customers, you need to take care of their psychological safety just as much as you care for their physical safety. That’s why Karyn Ross and Jessica House have created the 5Cs of psychological safety.

During this interactive session, you will learn about each of the 5C’s and how you and your organization can begin practicing them immediately so that you can optimize learning, growth, innovation, and improvement. Everyone will receive a copy of the 5Cs document following the session.


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