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Capture More Idea Opportunities From Your Employees

Never Let a Good Idea Go to Waste


Leading Organizations Partner with KaiNexus to Capture

More Improvements From More People for a Greater Impact

  • Empowering employees to log problems in KaiNexus allows us to take a lot of the burden off managers while increasing transparency and communication. Tania Lyon St Clair Hospital
  • With KaiNexus, we've seen acceleration month-over-month in both the number of improvements we're capturing from our staff and the overall rate of change. Matthew Cannistraro Cannistraro
  • KaiNexus aligns our daily improvement and corporate measures; our staff really understand our goals and how their work contributes to achieving them. Jason Coons Kettering Health Network

Develop the Right Habits to Capture More Opportunities for Improvement

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The KaiNexus Advantage

The Right Technology Leads to More Improvements

Increase Engagement

Stay connected and respond quickly to increase engagement and capture more opportunities for improvement. Encourage more participation by recognizing those who pitch in.



Improvement Team Engagement
Measure Improvement Adoption

Increase Visibility & Transparency

Know at a glance how many improvements you’ve captured and who submits them. Easily identify coaching opportunities to improve engagement and capture more ideas.



Maximize Your Coaching Potential

Identify the bottlenecks that reduce the number of improvements you can capture. Know where your coaching is needed to ensure you maximize the improvement potential of your organization.



User Engagement Reports
Search Improvement Knowledge Repository

Simplify Knowledge Sharing

Quit capturing the same opportunities over and over again. Search KaiNexus to make sure no one else has already solved the same problem, and let others know when you've had a stroke of genius.


Make More Improvements

It’s not enough to capture more improvements; you need to implement more of them, too. KaiNexus customers implement over 75% of their improvements - and they have the data to prove it.


Impact Summary Report