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More Visibility, Less Effort.


Monitor Your Improvement Culture

Get the Information You Need to Evaluate and Improve Your Culture

Kaizen Reports
2019 Item Curve

Monitor Your Culture Curve

Knowing how you're doing right now is the first step to getting better. Assess the health of your improvement culture with a quick view into each team's submission and completion rates.

Track the Progress of Improvements

Get updates on the status of improvements everywhere, instantly in a single platform. Know when too many are overdue or remain unassigned to eliminate bottlenecks. Monitor on-time vs. overdue work in a simple report to improve processes and establish more accurate timelines.

Improvement Status Reports
Visibility into Improvement Activity

Activity Reports

Get insight into what everyone is doing. Know who is submitting lots of improvements, pinpoint which managers may be overloaded, and identify who needs additional coaching. Set activity goals and track progress toward them to improve long-term vision and short-term motivation.

Monitor Engagement

See what percentage of your organization is participating and how many improvements the average person identifies. Identify engagement goals for your organization to ensure you're making progress long-term.


Employee Engagement Report
User Engagement By Role

Identify Key Players

Ensure that improvement work is appropriately distributed across your organization. Identify who is carrying too much of the load, and who needs to get more engaged.

Keep Score

Know the difference you make. See the aggregate impact of improvement across your organization, and arm yourself with the data you need to assess the health of your improvement culture.


Lean Impact Summary Report
impact Over Time

Impact Over Time

Report on the impact of improvement over time, so that you can track trends and monitor progress. Break down the data to show the impact of every level of the organization. Take it to the next level with the advanced ROI module to report on forecasted versus actual impact.