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KPI-Driven Improvement



Demonstrate How Improvement Contributes to Your Organization's Goals

Easily Track Your Key Metrics



Real-Time Data

Get real-time impact data at your fingertips by logging the impact of each improvement.


Impact Validation

Alert the people who need to verify the accuracy of your results.



Overview & Details

 See and show exactly what's driving your impact by drilling down into any level. 


What's the ROI of Continuous Improvement?

Technology Supports KPI-Driven Improvement

Never Lose Sight of the Impact of Improvement

Connect Data with Improvement

Update your charts in one place and know that they've updated automatically everywhere else. Ensure that everyone from frontline staff to executives has the most up-to-date information across every board, on every screen, in every location.

Draw parallels between improvements and KPIs by giving context to your data points using linked items and notes in chart annotations.

Activity by Person

Get Insight Into What Everyone is Doing

Know who is submitting lots of improvements, pinpoint which managers may be overloaded, and identify who needs additional coaching. Set activity goals and track progress toward them to improve long-term vision and short-term motivation.

Know Your Impact

Know the difference you make. See the aggregate impact of improvement across your organization, and arm yourself with the data you need to assess the health of your improvement culture.

Major Strategy Dashboard

Show Your Impact to All the Right People 

Don't make key stakeholders wait for the next meeting to know your impact. Increase engagement and interest in improvement by giving everyone access to impact data, any time.