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KaiNexus Mobile

Improve on the Go

Take Improvement to the Masses

Capture More Improvements with KaiNexus Mobile



Give Everyone a Voice

This companion app to the KaiNexus improvement platform makes it possible for employees in any job function across your company to submit their ideas for improvement using whatever smartphone or tablet they already have in their hands. Engaging everyone in improvement has never been easier.

Capture Ideas from Anywhere

Improvement is not just for office workers - but without access to computers, how do you capture the ideas of your front line employees? KaiNexus makes it possible for all of your people to identify opportunities for improvement in real-time, whether they're on a factory floor, at a construction site, or driving tractor trailers.

Access Templates on the Go

KaiNexus Mobile gives your team access to every one of the improvement templates you've so lovingly created, giving them the ability to submit everything from simple Just Do Its to complex A3s from the convenience of their phones or tablets. 

Capture All Critical Details 

KaiNexus Mobile comes with a variety of features that make capturing opportunities for improvement as easy as possible - including photo attachment and multi-language support.

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