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We have the only cloud-based SaaS platform that supports continuous improvement in Lean organizations.

KaiNexus helps you execute and manage your improvement program throughout the entire improvement journey. 

From daily improvement on the front lines to rapid improvement events, Lean projects, and strategy deployment, KaiNexus gives your people a single place and a standard method for capturing improvements. From there, it pushes each idea through to completion. 

KaiNexus gives executives insight into engagement, activity, and impact metrics so that they can make better decisions.

Learn how to:

You can schedule a live, customized demo to see how KaiNexus will fit your specific needs here.


Or watch a recorded demo here.

Organizations of all sizes in all industries in every stage of the improvement journey use KaiNexus. Their unifying commonality is that they recognize that continuous improvement is vital to the success of their organizations and that like with all other complex businesses processes, they need a platform from which to manage it. They work to engage their entire organization in improvement and value the ideas and opinions of their front line workers. Our customers strive to develop the methodologies and leadership behaviors critical to developing an improvement culture and understand that they need a software to support those elements.

If this sounds like you, KaiNexus would be a good fit for your organization. Contact us to learn more.

With customers in nearly every industry speaking multiple languages in locations around the world, KaiNexus is flexible enough to accommodate any workflow in any industry. Check out our customers to see who is using KaiNexus and what they have to say about us!

KaiNexus provides a multitude of features that increase communication, visibility, standardization, and reporting across your improvement teams. From smart notifications that remind you of due dates and share comments to reports that track activity, engagement, and impact, KaiNexus is an interactive platform that helps you capture, implement, measure, and share improvements in a way that spreadsheets never will.

We could go on about this for ages - but we’ll let our customer Jake Snyder at BSA Lifestructures tell you his experience with the difference between spreadsheets and KaiNexus. Read his blog post about it here.


When Kaizen Boards and Spreadsheets Fail [Blog]

Extremely! KaiNexus is used differently at every organization, so it looks different everywhere, too.

KaiNexus is a platform and a framework that helps you spread YOUR improvement culture. Our Customer Experience Team will work with you to ensure that KaiNexus is rolled out in the best way to meet the unique needs of your organization.


KaiNexus is set up to reflect your organization's unique workflows and templates, meaning that your standard work and language doesn't need to change to use our platform. If you've found a method that works for you, keep it. We'll help you improve it with KaiNexus.

Employees with basic technology skills require minimal training to use KaiNexus. Our platform is so simple and intuitive that even your least tech-savvy employees will need minimal training.

For more information, watch this 30-second video.

A typical implementation lasts 2-4 weeks, but you can be capturing ideas in less than 24 hours.

Our Customer Experience team works alongside you to ensure that KaiNexus is set up exactly the way you need - at your pace.



Just about the only thing KaiNexus and suggestion boxes have in common is that employees are able to submit ideas for improvement into both. KaiNexus engages more people in the improvement process, accelerates the rate of change, and drives a greater impact with features that


  1. Increase the number of ideas you capture
  2. Result in a higher implementation rate
  3. Measure the impact, engagement, and activity of your improvement culture
  4. Share and spread each improvement for maximum, sustained impact


Learn more in this free eBook.



KaiNexus was built to support improvement initiatives of every type and scope. You keep the process and terminology that works for you - we’ll help you engage more people, accelerate your rate of change, and drive a greater impact.


KaiNexus increases visibility, improves communication, creates a standard, reports key metrics, and facilitates collaboration for your Kaizen Events and projects.

Absolutely not.


We built the KaiNexus platform in such a way that anyone can contribute to the improvement process, regardless of their level of process improvement knowledge. There are no technical terms to learn or complicated processes to understand - most of your employees will not need training on the software to know what to do.


That being said, we do believe that technology is not a silver bullet and a culture of continuous improvement thrives on access to process improvement experts who guide your employees' efforts. You don’t need all of your staff to be experts in process improvement methodologies, but they’ll need coaching and leadership from people who are.


If you would like to educate yourself or your staff on process improvement methodologies, we have several resources available to help you get started:


Not at all.


KaiNexus supports your improvement culture by improving communication and reporting, as well as broadcasting of your improvement efforts. We know that engaged leadership is a critical element in creating a sustainable culture of continuous improvement, and our platform promotes the engagement of managers in the improvement process. KaiNexus provides managers with the visibility they need to know who is working on what, communicate quickly with their staff, and evaluate the work and impact of both individuals and teams.


The increased visibility provided by KaiNexus actually makes face-to-face communication more productive, as time can be spent strategizing rather than merely asking questions and providing updates.


In fact, most of our customers find that their managers become MORE engaged in improvement once they start using KaiNexus, which leads to more time out of the office interacting with staff face-to-face.

This is not an either/or question. Organizations face many different challenges - and the solutions will come from many different sources.

Many of our customers use KaiNexus to support their HRO or CRM work, which shares many of the same fundamentals as Lean. KaiNexus finds its origins in Lean methodologies, which gives you a simple, unified process for tracking your near misses, good catches, and incidents in the same system that you'll use to improve them.

KaiNexus has become a place to manage and collaborate on improvement work of all types through a variety of flexible features that accommodate any workflow.




If your organization already has an effective method of collecting, evaluating, and implementing improvement work, stick with it!


KaiNexus supplements paper systems by:


  1. Reporting the individual and aggregate impact of improvement efforts
  2. Displaying employee engagement metrics
  3. Broadcasting the impact of improvement work to promote further engagement
  4. Disseminating best practices
  5. Creating a valuable institutional body of knowledge by storing a record of all improvement work on the cloud that is accessible by any employee, any time, any place.


And, if your paper system eventually becomes unwieldy and you'd like to start managing the improvement activity in KaiNexus, you'll already be set up and ready to get started.

For many years, leaders have questioned whether it is better to make or buy software solutions to continuous improvement such as KaiNexus. Every organization has to weigh their own pros and cons to do what is most cost effective and efficient for their businesses. However, it often proves difficult to accurately estimate the long-term consequences of that decision, which leaves those on the front lines struggling to pick up the slack.


The pace of technology innovation is accelerating at an almost exponential rate, making it difficult for the average internal IT groups to cope with this pace of change. The struggle commonly lies in the fact that they not only they have to create the software internally - they must also maintain and upgrade it indefinitely.


Building the software has frequently won this debate in the past. However, with the introduction of cloud computing, the tables are turning. As the cost to buy continues to come down, even large global enterprises in both public and private sectors that have invested tens of millions of dollars in internal IT infrastructure are beginning to migrate to Cloud applications. In fact, the Gartner Group sees the public cloud for the hosting of enterprise applications as the fastest growing IT market in the next ten years. The largest enterprise software companies in the world (IBM, Oracle, SAP, etc.) see their future delivery platform as the cloud, so their customers are rapidly retiring in-house IT environments, dramatically reducing their IT operational costs as well as their historical reliance on internal IT staff for software development and support.


In that environment, it's tough for internal products to compete with what can be bought on the cloud.


When deciding whether to buy or build a software solution to continuous improvement, you need to think about three key points:


  1. What is the scope of the problem are you trying to address with this software, and how complex does your solution need to be to fit your business size and needs?
  2. Does your organization currently have (or can you hire) experts capable of building, maintaining, and supporting the solution?
  3. Is using the software critical to your business operations, or can you afford to wait while the solution is developed?



Logging work you’ve already completed into KaiNexus is a great way to track the impact of that work and report on your employee engagement. That’s why we make it easy for you to enter all of the information about the work you’ve completed, as well as the work you’re currently doing.


If you have the information currently stored in a spreadsheet or database, we can work with you on customized solutions to get legacy data into KaiNexus.


What's the point of putting existing projects into KaiNexus?


While the current interface of KaiNexus is English, data can be entered into the system in any single-byte language such as Spanish, French, and many more.


Our iOS and Android app allows users to submit opportunities for improvement right from their mobile devices. This includes the ability to easily attach pictures and dictate the improvements.


In addition, the core KaiNexus web application runs on Android tablets and iPads.


Users also have the ability to submit opportunities for improvement into the KaiNexus system via email using any email-capable device, including all smart phones and tablets.


The ability to use KaiNexus on mobile devices gives your leaders and staff increased flexibility for engagement because they can submit opportunities for improvement on the fly as they come up with them in their daily work.

Continuous improvement software enhances the use of bulletin boards for managing continuous improvement, rather than replacing the need for bulletin boards. After all - for many organizations, bulletin boards are a great way to visually display continuous improvement efforts to a local area. If you have a system that works, we recommend sticking with it.


However, continuous improvement software solves lots of problems with traditional bulletin board systems. That's why we believe that partnering with a software platform is critical to making a bulletin board system a sustainable success.


What does KaiNexus bring to the table that bulletin boards can't?


  1. What happens to your idea cards once they're completed? KaiNexus creates an institutional body of sustainable knowledge so that it doesn't get forgotten.
  2. Paper boards are inherently siloed workflows, with small local teams working independently. KaiNexus breaks down silos by enabling cross-functional collaboration between boards across large, diverse, and dispersed organizations.
  3. Create as many boards as you need by pulling in improvement, projects, charts, and reports instantaneously. No printing, purchasing, arranging, or manually updating necessary.
  4. Coach improvement across an unlimited area by checking in boards in any location with the click of a button. Make better use of your face-to-face time by knowing where you're needed and what you're walking into. 
  5. KaiNexus automatically notifies people about the right information, at the right time, so that people are engaged in improvement throughout their daily work. 

Read more about this topic in our blog post: When The Cloud Can Trump Bulletin Boards for Managing Continuous Improvement


KaiNexus uses simple, intuitive features that enable your team to display and manage their strategy deployment efforts. Get visibility into how strategic goals, projects, rapid improvement events, and daily improvements align.


Your leaders will be able to immediately see what is on track and what's lagging behind. They can drill down into any level to determine progress, and employees will have direct insight into how their work contributes to achieving strategic goals. Features such as tagging, project nesting, and boards make it easy to organize, display, and manage strategy deployment in KaiNexus.

No. This is only one function of KaiNexus.


Technology has the power to change behaviors. Accelerate your rate of change and drive a greater impact by engaging more people with software that facilitates every step of the improvement cycle. 


KaiNexus makes it easy to engage your entire organization in capturing improvements both as a part of their daily work and as a part of your larger strategic initiatives. After that, boards and smart notifications increase visibility and accountability so that teams can collaborate to implement more improvements.


KaiNexus tracks your engagement, activity, and impact metrics so that you can spend more time improving and less time crunching numbers. KaiNexus then shares completed improvement with the right people so that each one has the maximum impact. 

Of course, all of this work is stored in a permanent knowledge repository so that it’s accessible for future reference and improvement.

Any - our customers range from small professional services firms to global corporations. Organizations of different sizes have different problems as they try to start, spread, and sustain improvement. KaiNexus solves those problems.


Check out our customers to meet some of the people using KaiNexus!

No. KaiNexus can be customized to suit whatever methodology and nomenclature you are currently using.


Learn more here.

In order to provide the best customer experience and develop a partnership that ensures your long-term success, we provide all customers with a personalized implementation. During this time we ensure that KaiNexus is configured properly and customized to fit your specific needs so that you get the maximum impact from our software.

KaiNexus is designed to be very easy to implement, allowing you to start with small experiments and then spread the solution across your organization at your own pace. Your staff will need little to no training to get started, and your implementation specialist will work with you to develop a smooth training process for more advanced users.

Watch this video to see how Jonathan Bykowski at Array Architects feels about how intuitive KaiNexus is.

KaiNexus is a software platform designed to help you create the right leadership behaviors and improvement processes. While we do offer additional consulting services to further develop those components of your improvement culture, they’re certainly not required. Many of our customers have their own consultants, both internal and external, that work quite well in conjunction with KaiNexus, while others get along fine without any formal consulting.


Learn more about our consulting services here.