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Daily Huddles Software


Optimize Your Organization’s Daily Huddles with KaiNexus


Leaders who have developed a culture of continuous improvement know that daily management is an essential ingredient of success. Without a daily management system in action, it is almost impossible to change how people think about challenges and opportunities. While there are many ways to implement day-to-day management, the daily huddle meeting has become one of the most widespread. KaiNexus takes the daily huddle to a different level by introducing digital daily management.


What is a Daily Huddle?

A daily huddle is a 5 - 15 minute team meeting to discuss the status of improvement work, the action plan for the day, and the status of problem-solving efforts to address issues. These meetings are different from other types of “stand-up” meetings because they are focused on improvement. Huddle meetings usually take place first thing in the morning or right after a shift change.

During a daily huddle, the team leader typically reviews the following items:

  • Done: Improvement projects that were completed since the last huddle

  • Doing: Work in progress

  • To Do: New opportunities for improvement

These meetings designed to get everyone thinking about improvement are called daily huddles because teams often gather around a physical visual management board to structure the discussion and keep track of projects. While the intention to center thinking on positive change is fantastic, physical huddle boards pose several obvious limitations. That’s where KaiNexus comes in.


Daily Huddles with KaiNexus

KaiNexus technology makes it easy and cost-effective for organizations of all types to enjoy the advantages of moving their huddle boards off the wall and into the cloud. Here are a few of the most important.



KaiNexus engages remote and traveling workers

Keeping remote workers engaged in improvement is now a top priority as millions of Americans have moved to working from home at least part of the time. Physical huddle boards are not very helpful if not all team members are at the work location. Huddle boards in KaiNexus, on the other hand, are accessible regardless of who is working from where. Team leaders can daily huddle meetings via a video chat or conference call, and everyone will see the same information. Proximity is no longer necessary for collaboration.

Leaders can manage multiple boards

For people who lead more than one team or department, KaiNexus digital huddle boards are essential. Because the boards are stored online, leaders can check on the engagement and activity of every unit without going from place to place. Role-based access means that everyone has precisely and only the information they need all in one unified platform.

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The history of improvement work is documented

With a physical huddle board, you get a snapshot of what is happening right now. That’s useful, but the history of past improvement work is not readily available in this model. When you switch to daily management in KaiNexus, you begin to create a repository of knowledge. All of the documents, conversations, and other information about each improvement project is collected and available for future consideration, making your team more innovative with each improvement.

KaiNexus boards improve cross-functional collaboration

Huddle boards are usually used and managed by individual teams or functional areas, but often the most impactful improvement work requires people from more than one group. KaiNexus huddle boards make working across functional boundaries much more efficient. They also help spread improvement culture by making information about successful projects available to everyone in the organization.

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Daily huddles align with strategic goals and objectives

Improvement work should not be independent of the overall strategic goals and objectives of the organization. KaiNexus huddle boards help achieve this tight alignment by cascading goals down from the corporate level to each individual. The critical breakthrough objectives become part of daily huddle meetings, so they are always top of mind.

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Alerts accelerate improvement

Physical huddle boards are passive displays of information; they don’t do anything to spur engagement actively. KaiNexus huddle boards are different. They come alongside workflow features that alert people with email notifications when action is required. Leaders know when deadlines are missed or new opportunities for improvement have been submitted.

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KaiNexus calculates the impact of daily improvement

Many improvements create a short-term impact that is easy to see. However, some projects generate gains over the long term that are less apparent. Physical huddle boards aren’t designed to calculate the effects of improvement, but KaiNexus software can do exactly that. The ability to measure the impact of improvement is essential when it comes to securing the resources to do even more of it.

KaiNexus Huddle Board Features


These benefits and more are all achievable with KaiNexus digital huddle management in place. With KaiNexus, you can:

  • Select and configure the layout for each board

  • Designate private and public boards

  • Assign a rank to each board for quick access

  • Filter boards by location

  • Limit the visibility of boards to specific teams or roles

  • Assign edit or view-only privileges

Daily huddle meetings are an effective and easy to implement continuous improvement technique. KaiNexus digital huddle boards make them even more powerful and engaging. Along with other features that help you capture, implement, sustain, and spread improvement, they will help you achieve the loftiest goals your organization can imagine.