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Stop Reinventing the Wheel


Share Information to Spread Improvement

Build an Improvement Knowledge Repository that Shares Information Across Your Entire Organization

Lean Software

Prevent Duplicate Efforts

Make sure that no one reinvents the wheel with advanced search features that let people know when they're entering an improvement similar to something that's already been done. Empower your people to learn from eachother.

Just Do It
Find Improvement Information

Get Quick Answers

Get answers to the questions you're already asking with quick search and filters. Which improvements are overdue? What's happening in my department? We've got your answers.

Follow Along on Improvements

Search improvements by topic to follow along and stay informed about what matters most to you. Learn from your peers, even when you're not an official member of the team. 


Quick Filters
2.4 Custom Lists

Customize Your Lists

Create and subscribe to custom lists of improvements, projects, and tasks. You're sure to find exactly what you need with powerful filters that sift through all the data for you.

Organize Information

Display lists and charts on digital boards to track everything from Kaizens and Huddles to Kanbans and KPIs in local areas and across your entire organization.


Visual Management