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KaiNexus Customer Experience

Lean Strategy

Optimize Your Improvement Work

Leverage KaiNexus in the Most Effective Way


KaiNexus Lean Strategy Sessions

Our Lean Strategy team is dedicated to helping you leverage KaiNexus to achieve your goals. With over 20+ years of experience in Lean, Six Sigma, and Continuous Improvement, our Lean Strategists will evaluate your current behaviors and processes and provide actionable steps to maximize your impact, engagement, and adoption of your improvement programs.

Your Lean Strategist is always available for advice and inquiry whenever needed.

Linda Vicaro-1-1

Linda Vicaro
Director of Lean Strategy

Lynn Howell

Lynn Howell
Senior Lean Strategist

Optimization Review

Optimization Reviews are performed annually with our team to enable you to reach your full potential with KaiNexus. Optimization Reviews give our customers an opportunity to dive deeper into their instances with our team. The changes we make during this time will simplify and improve every person’s user experience and will set you up for success in the year to come

An Optimization Review includes:

  • Kick-off meeting: In the Kick-off meeting, our team will walk through the Optimization Review process together and align expectations. 

  • Technical Review: At the Technical Review, our Solutions Engineering team and Lean Strategy group perform a detailed analysis of your KaiNexus instance and make suggestions for improving engagement and the user experience.

  • Results & Mutual Action Plan: Finally, we collaborate to create a clear and easy to understand the roadmap for your Continuous Improvement program and enabling technology 

  • Sustainment: The journey will continue with your Customer Success Manager as you continue to implement the agreed-upon mutual plan.


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