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The Importance of Standardization in Improvement Work


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Improvement software makes it easy to document your current process, work through improvements to that process, and document the final process all in one platform. Custom templates allow you to keep using the standard work process that works best for your organization, while features like smart notifications, charts, and teams allow you to bring in the right people and the right information at the right time.


Everyone has access to the standard work document from anywhere, at any time, when it's logged in improvement software. They can search for the process, you can set up custom boards for people and roles that show their standard work, and you can send it to anyone who needs it. In this way, the documentation is available on any device at any time. It's easy to share your standards with other departments and teams so that they can implement your changes or collaborate with you on other improvements, really bringing the entire organization under one, best, standard.


Updating standard work should be an ongoing process. Improvement software makes it easy to log ideas for improving the standard, collaborate on the changes, and document the results. It'll remind you when it's time to review the standard, allow you to loop in the people who currently perform the process to get their feedback, and help you manage the process of testing and implementing proposed changes to the standard work documentation.

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Improvement software makes it easy for the people performing the work to communicate their ideas and concerns with leadership, and for leadership to respond in a timely fashion. Cross-departmental teams can collaborate without having to work meetings into the schedule and groups can easily build off of the progress of each other.


When documenting standard work, employees are engaged in conversations about their work and identifying opportunities for improvement together. That engagement shouldn't stop once the initial documentation is completed. Building a virtual team in improvement software engages staff in formulating and implementing a plan for improvement and promotes greater buy-in.

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With detailed reports that show individuals’ participation in various continuous improvement work, continuous improvement software makes it easy to see which departments are creating and improving standard work and thus engaging people in a culture of continuous improvement.


Continuous improvement software captures the impact of every improvement that’s made as a result of standardized work documentation (as well as all other continuous improvement initiatives), helping you to monitor and report on the improvements’ impact. Being able to see the combined effect of their ideas will encourage employees to look for even more opportunities for improvement.

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