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KaiNexus Customer Experience

Training and Enablement

Get Smart on KaiNexus

Training that Fits Your Organization


Learning a new piece of software - and teaching it to your staff - can be daunting, but that shouldn't prevent you from diving right in. We've built KaiNexus to be intuitive and user-friendly, with an interface that looks inherently familiar to new users. To accelerate your rate of adoption, our team provides customized, hands-on, one-on-one training when you need it.

The goal of our Enablement Team is to increase your KaiNexus IQ. The more you understand the terminology and features in KaiNexus, the better we can configure the platform to match the way you do things. We have a well-rounded approach to training, from introductory videos to custom training sessions - all built around your use cases and delivered via the web or on-site.

The primary goal of training is to increase adoption so that your people get the most out of KaiNexus.


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Brittany Currier
Training Manager

KaiNexus Building Blocks

Before we train your organization, your implementation leads need to get up to speed on KaiNexus basics. During the enablement phase, they'll gain the foundational platform knowledge needed to make the best choices for your KaiNexus configuration.

In addition to learning basic KaiNexus terminology, your people will learn core functionality through a series of training videos. This baseline knowledge sets you up for efficient, productive implementation sessions so that Onboarding is a breeze.

Flexible Training Plans

Design a Plan to Fit Your Organization

Self-Service Training

In the first phase of training, your team will progress through introductory video courses before scheduling your KaiNexus Enablement Work Session.

Remote Training Session

We provide custom training focused on real-world use-cases and workflows, so that your people learn within the context of the improvement work they'll really be doing.

On-Demand Training

Our training strategy includes an all-access pass to a library full of video courses and webinars taught by our "KaiNexperts."

Custom Training Sessions

Training You Need, the Way You Need It


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Train the Trainer

These sessions offer a more collaborative training environment with a smaller, more specific audience (usually team leaders). These provide the resources necessary to help leaders successfully conduct internal training sessions for others across your organization.

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This session covers advanced configuration, taking a deeper dive into admin permissions and capabilities. The goal of this training is to show users everything they can do in the platform, while also highlighting when to reach out to our team for behind-the-scenes configuration needs.


On-Site Training

Boost engagement by bringing expert training to your organization. On-site trainings offer the best, personalized, hands-on approach to learning, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

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Customized On-Demand Materials

Customized training materials include personalized videos and or training guides outlining your organization's specific configuration & workflow using the process and language your people already know.

Ongoing Training

KaiNexus isn't a "set it and forget it" type of platform. Like you, we're always trying to improve and deliver more value to our customers. That's why we offer a variety of ongoing training materials available any time, from anywhere, to anyone.

Customer Blog

Keep up-to-date with new releases, innovative ways other people use KaiNexus, and updates from our Customer Experience team by subscribing to the KaiNexus Customer Blog.

Office Hours

Register for upcoming Office Hours to dive into the details of KaiNexus features. Get your questions answered by our Training Team, and send the recording to your people afterward.

New Releases

Check out our Support Site to read about the new features we're building for you and watch videos that give a quick overview of everything you need to know about new releases.

What's the Value of KaiNexus Training?

Hear from Those Who Have Been Through It