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Smart Notifications

Right Information, Right Time.


Custom Notifications

Decide what you want your team to know about so that we can send them the right notifications at the right time. Choose preset notifications or customize them for a perfect fit.

16_06 Notification Preferences.png

Broadcast Improvements

Increase engagement, accelerate improvement, and share best practices by sharing improvements. Decide who to tell when each improvement is completed, and let us do the legwork.


Smart Email

Link your inbox and with improvement by replying to comments via email and links that take you straight to the improvement you’re of interest.

Smart email
Improvement Digest

Custom Daily Digest 

Get email summaries of everything you need to know and do. Whether you’re an executive looking for the big picture or a manager with an eye for detail, customize the content and frequency of your digests for the perfect fit.

Streamlined Communication

Increase accountability and visibility by emailing updates to your team through KaiNexus. We’ll log the emails with the right improvement so that everyone can see them, any time.

Improvement Alerts

Customized Alerts

Know at a glance what’s new with each of your Improvements using alerts highlighting what you need to know and do. Alerts are customized to show users only what’s new and relevant to them.

Centralized Notifications

Streamline your improvement workflow with a centralized, personalized list that shows everything you need to know and do.

Central Notifications