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Consistent Methodology

The Key to a Unified Improvement Culture 


No Matter What Improvement Strategy You Use

Your Success Hinges on How You Choose to Implement It

  • KaiNexus has helped us to build the framework for our improvement culture and roll it out to the rest of our organization. Karen Kiel Rosser Mary Greeley Medical Center
  • We've seen both the rate of improvements coming in and the rate of change accelerate month-over-month with KaiNexus. Matthew Cannistraro Cannistraro
  • KaiNexus gives us a transparent, central way to manage everything from daily improvement to strategy deployment. Jason Coons Kettering Health Network

Create and Sustain Momentum

Establish a Methodology that Accelerates Improvement, Engages More People, and Maximizes Your Impact

Simple Improvement Methodology


Establish a methodology that is simple enough for everyone to participate.

Consistent Improvement Methodology


Get everyone speaking the same language for a unified improvement culture.

Disciplined Improvement Methodology


Make improvement a part of everyone's daily work. Improve every task, every day. 

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 Keep it Simple

Eliminate Barriers to Engagement;
If It's Too Hard to Participate, No One Will

One Method

Whether you're submitting daily improvements, collaborating on large projects, or participating in rapid improvement events, keep it simple by doing it in KaiNexus. No training required.


Create Your Custom Improvements and Projects
Search and Filter Improvements

Easy Access

Give your team a single place to go for all their improvement information. Organize communications and files with each improvement so that they're easy to find and always up-to-date.


Any Screen

Eliminate engagement barriers by enabling your team to participate from any screen. Whether they're at a desk, on the factory floor, or between patient rooms, KaiNexus is at their fingertips.


Any Screen

 Establish Consistency

Unify Even The Most Diverse Improvement Culture


Promote Discipline

Make Improvement a Critical Part of Every Day


Your Improvement Culture Also Needs: