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What's it Like to Work at KaiNexus?

One time, on a whim, our marketing director sent each member of our team into  a room alone with a videographer, to answer the question "Why do you like working at KaiNexus?"

Here's what they said.


We're Hiring!


Software Training Specialist

The KaiNexus Software Training Specialist role is responsible for planning and delivering customer training programs for new and existing customers. The role will be tasked with becoming an advanced user of the KaiNexus platform very quickly in an effort to effectively 1) enable new customers, 2) train new users, 3) provide continual product support, and 4) recommend best practices for product integration and usage. It is expected that this will be a very dynamic role with strong potential of being hired for a full-time salaried position at KaiNexus. This is a full-time, salaried position.

Apply Now.

Interested in something else? We've been known to create positions for great people who would be an asset to our team - free to send your resume to us at  info@kainexus.com