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Moving to KaiNexus

Why People Opt for Improvement Software

Empower Managers to Be Better Coaches

Huddle_Board-3.png"Prior to KaiNexus, we were using physical huddle board posted on the wall in each department. For some departments, that worked really well. For others, it wasn't working as well. We were worried about shifting from these visible, tangible boards in their department to virtual boards.

The value of switching to KaiNexus has been that we're able to provide so much more assistance. [Coaches] have such an easier time identifying areas where employees or managers might need help managing the improvement process.

We have this transparency now that we didn't have before."

- Linda Vicaro, Process Improvement Coordinator & Coach at St. Clair Hospital

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Implement More Ideas with KaiNexus vs. Excel

"We didn't have a system for sharing improvements before. We worked off Excel spreadsheets; our whole company is filled with spreadsheets. The thing about those is they sit to the side. You have to email them to someone.

We've taken those spreadsheets, uploaded them into KaiNexus, and so now we have people who can see all the ideas, can manage them, and implement them.  

It's definitely allowed us to implement far more ideas than those excel spreadsheets just sitting there."

- Pam Pothoven, Chief Innovation Officer at University of Iowa Community Credit Union


80% of ideas captured in KaiNexus result in a change.

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Break Down Siloes to Spread Improvement

"Before we used KaiNexus, we had physical huddle boards in all departments where the staff would submit their improvement ideas, discuss on a weekly basis, and all of our files would be in restricted share drives for each in department. This is where limited access was a real issue for us with spreading improvement.

KaiNexus has provided us with a database  where everyone has access, which has improved our ability to communicate across facilities system-wide, share improvement ideas, and comment on each other's progress."

- Kristin Bentz, Lean Transformation Officer at Lee Health

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