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One More System

Introducing KaiNexus to Your Organization

Let People See the Value of KaiNexus for Themselves

"Having another system for people to have to become familiar with was definitely something we were concerned about. We managed that concern by not forcing KaiNexus on people. Instead, we supported managers in supporting their staff, and encouraged them to help staff encorporate KaiNexus into the things they're already doing. If they have an idea and take it to a manager, their manager either puts that idea in on their behalf or they direct them to put it in. We've taken the stance to not force the system on people. Get them to log in, and then get them to see for themselves the value KaiNexus has for them. As they do that, they get more engaged in the system."

- Linda Vicaro, Improvement Coordinator & Coach at St. Clair Hospital

For more information about how St. Clair has successfully spread the use of KaiNexus, check out this blog post.


Free Up More Time for Managers

"Some leaders have found that by using KaiNexus to share documents and keep track of their projects, it eliminates the need for extra meetings, phone calls, and emails. Everyone is using one database and getting those notifications, which actually gives them more time to do other tasks in their department."

- Kristin Bentz, Lean Transformation Specialist at Lee Health

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