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Creating a Culture of Improvement

What Comes First: The Culture or the Technology?

When you're creating an improvement culture, you might want to start laying that groundwork before you think about introducing technology. But sometimes, technology can actually help build that culture of improvement.

Accelerate Improvement


Make more improvements with a shorter cycle time.

Engage More People


Get more people involved in improvement.

Increase Your Impact


Drive a greater impact across your organization.


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The Platform that Spreads Improvement

Any Methodology  •  Any Process  •  Any Workflow

Pam Pothoven

"KaiNexus has helped us to drive the culture, as opposed to waiting to having everything in place for all of the Lean methodologies and tools first. The ideas are visible so everyone can see them, managers are able to review them, and there are due dates that hold people accountable for getting the work done."

- Pam Pothoven | Chief Innovation Officer 
University of Iowa Community Credit Union

Be a Better Improvement Coach


Linda VicaroCircle.jpg

"KaiNexus enables us to foster and develop our improvement culture because it gives us the transparency to see where our culture problems are."

- Linda Vicaro | Improvement Coordinator & Coach St. Clair Hospital