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VacciNexus is a database of improvements related to the COVID vaccination process. We encourage you to share any improvements you've made, no matter how small! If these process changes have helped you, there are surely others who could benefit from them as well. 

Some questions to consider when thinking of what to share:

  • How have you made it easier for patients to get appointments?

  • How have you reduced waiting times while at the vaccination site?

  • How have you encouraged staff to get vaccinated ASAP?

  • How have you reduced the risk of errors or mixups?

  • What do you do with leftover vaccines before they expire?

Anyone in the medical or public health realm can access VacciNexus by requesting an account at www.KaiNexus.com/vaccine using their work email address (to verify healthcare or public health affiliation).

The more contributors there are to VacciNexus, the better the platform will become. Please invite your colleagues and others to join and share their improvements.

Yes, VacciNexus is — and will always be – free to use. This platform was created to fill a knowledge-sharing gap, and we encourage use by anyone with something to share or learn in this important effort.

VacciNexus captures data regarding what type of organization the users are from, enabling you to filter improvements to show those most relevant to you.

To do so, click the Filter icon in the top right corner of the VacciNexus dashboard.

VacciNexus FIlter Board

Select the organization type of interest from the resulting dropdown. You can select more than one if desired.

VacciNexus Board Filter

Click the blue Save button.

Once you've done this, the only improvements that will appear on the dashboard will match the organization type(s) you selected.

To undo this filtering, repeat the steps above and select "Any" from the dropdown menu.


We need to create an account for you before you can access the improvements in VacciNexus. Request an account at www.KaiNexus.com/vaccine.


When your VacciNexus account is created, you'll get an email from do-not-reply@prod.kainexus.com. Click the link in that email to activate your account.

Sometimes your email system has a security feature that makes these links not work. If you get a "Link has Expired" error notice, email maggie.millard@kainexus.com for help.


Login at vaccine.KaiNexus.com. Your username is your first and last time (ex "Jane Doe").


Email maggie.millard@kainexus.com for help.


The best way to share improvements from VacciNexus is to invite your colleagues to join you in the platform! Send them to www.KaiNexus.com/vaccine to request an account.

Export as PDF

You can export improvements by clicking the ellipse icon in the top right corner of the improvement and selecting Print/Save PDF

Pick your format and select which parts of the improvement you'd like to include. 

Click Print, at which point you can either print it or save it as a PDF.

VacciNexus is a joint project of Value Capture and KaiNexus. The project was born when Helen Zak, the president and COO of Value Capture asked:

"How can we help organizations across the United States (and abroad) share with each other?"

She wanted their clients to have a way to share with each other, but their mission also drives them to think bigger than that.

Mark Graban, affiliated with both companies, suggested using the KaiNexus continuous improvement platform to facilitate this knowledge sharing, the KaiNexus leadership team jumped on the idea, and VacciNexus was born with help from Maggie Millard and others from the company.