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Expertly Quantify the Impact of Continuous Improvement


KaiNexus Captures the Metrics That Matter

Organizations that work to improve continually stay ahead of the competition, regardless of their industry. From automotive manufacturing and construction to healthcare and education, the degree and intensity of effort dedicated to continuous positive change in an organization directly impact sustainability and success. 

Measuring, tracking, and reporting on the impact improvement work is the single most important thing leaders can do to ensure that your organization meets its strategic goals and out-innovates the competition.

Why Quantify the Impact of Improvement?



What Gets Measured Improves

The act of measuring and reporting on any quantifiable statistic makes it evident across all levels of the organization that this metric is essential. People know that leaders measure what matters to them.

Measuring and reporting improvement performance indicators shows that this is as important as other typical measurements such as financial performance. When people know that you’re tracking data related to their improvement work, there’s an increased sense of accountability that drives engagement and enthusiasm.

Data Drives Decisions

Making smart decisions that promote the spread of continuous improvement requires data. Having insight into how each area of the organization performs and having a standard, objective way to gauge performance tells you where to focus your coaching resources for a greater return on your investment in improvement work. 

Understanding which variables result in high-impact improvements allows you to focus more energy on efforts likely to succeed. Any decision that you make should be based on data.

Location activity board

Resource Allocation is Aligned

Measuring the impact of continuous improvement makes it effortless to convince executives that the work you’re doing moves the needle on the metrics they care most about. Showing quantifiable data on how engagement and activity scores drive business impact validates the work that you’re doing in spreading your improvement culture.

Suppose you can produce reliable data to prove to executives that the ROI per person engaged in improvement is over $6,000 per year, for example. In that case, you’ll have an easy time justifying allocating more time and resources to continuous improvement.

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KaiNexus Calculates the Value of Improvement


The most common way people attempt to manage continuous improvement is with a hodge-podge of improvement tools, spreadsheets, and email. The problem with this disconnected, ad-hoc approach to measuring the impact of improvement is that there is no one version of the truth. Lack of standardization creates subjectivity and doubt. 

KaiNexus allows users to connect improvement work with measurable impact. You can drill down into the details any number to verify accuracy. For example, if you see a cost reduction that looks suspiciously high, you can instantly see what improvements are contributing to those results and validate that the reporting impact on each is correct.

There is no mystery and no trust required when you manage ROI reporting in KaiNexus.

KaiNexus customers capture more daily improvements from team members, run more efficient strategic projects and events, coach more effectively, and streamline their improvement process. They engage everyone from the front lines to the executive leaders in a flourishing improvement culture to accelerate their rate of change.


Drill Down Visibility

KaiNexus gives you access to every opportunity for improvement, every project, every strategic initiative, whenever and wherever you want it. See who is driving your results and identify areas that need more coaching instantly. KaiNexus makes it possible to zoom out to see the organization as a whole or to zoom in on any level or individual. No more hunting through spreadsheets and email or calling unnecessary meetings for updates and reviews of your improvement impact.

Major Strategy Dashboard

Digital Dashboards

Getting your improvement impact measurements out into the open is one of the most effective ways of increasing engagement both from staff and leaders. Organizing the data onto boards that align improvements and their impact with strategic initiatives enables everyone to work toward the same organizational goals.

KaiNexus’ digital boards are constantly available to keep improvement work on the top of everyone’s minds. They have the added benefit of including real-time impact, activity, and engagement metrics.

Executive Reporting

Those dedicated to improvement work often spend hours upon hours preparing presentations and reports to show executives the impact of improvement on achieving their strategic goals. Whether you are trying to validate a request for increased resources or just keeping leaders up to date on what you’re doing and how it’s going, compiling data and formatting it into presentations is a waste of time.

With KaiNexus, you can show leaders the data they care about. It’s easy to dive into the details when questions arise and pull reports of improvements and projects tied to strategic objectives.


Real-Time Coaching

Understanding crucial activity and engagement metrics is the way to drive progress in your improvement culture and increase impact. Accessing this information in KaiNexus in real-time generates the speed and agility you need to adjust your coaching to meet barriers to improvement head-on.

KaiNexus bottleneck reports use activity and engagement data to flag teams that are not prioritizing improvement so leaders can solve whatever challenges are limiting engagement.

Advanced ROI

Tracking the return on investment for improvement is difficult without continuous improvement software, and it’s nearly impossible to do when you add in complicating variables such as an international company reporting impact in multiple currencies. KaiNexus provides a suite of features that keep up with detailed ROI data so that you don’t have to.

While much emphasis is placed on cost-saving opportunities for improvement, the impact comes from increasing production as well. With KaiNexus, you can add all of your products and their value and track the impact to the bottom line as you make improvements that increase production. You’ll have a more accurate view of how improvement affects your revenue stream.

Advanced ROI Resource


Organizations of all sizes in all industries in every stage of the improvement journey use KaiNexus. They recognize that continuous improvement is vital to the success of their organizations and that, like with all other complex business processes, they need a visual platform from which to manage it. KaiNexus helps engage the entire organization in improvement and performance excellence. Our customers strive to develop the processes and leadership behaviors critical to sustaining an improvement culture. 

If you are ready to reach a new level of visibility and real-time management, KaiNexus is prepared to help.