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Six Sigma Software


Manage and Support Your Six Sigma Projects with KaiNexus


Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that has been used across almost all industries for more than 25 years. Developed for manufacturing at Motorola and made popular by Jack Welch and General Electric, Six Sigma is a rigorous and statistically-driven approach to quality improvement, cost reduction, and business performance. Six Sigma has its roots in statistical methods and earlier Total Quality Management (TQM) practices. Six Sigma is often combined with Lean, in practice, under the banners of Lean Sigma or Lean Six Sigma, since they are both data-driven, systematic improvement methods, and there is overlap in the use of basic statistical methods. Typically, formal Six Sigma projects are run by specially-trained and formally-certified “Belts,” such as Green Belts, Black Belts, or Master Black Belts. KaiNexus is proud to work with leading organizations to manage Six Sigma projects.

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How Does KaiNexus Power Six Sigma?

Unify Scale Support







With a unique method of structured improvement management, KaiNexus lets your organization work the way it works best without superimposing strict standards or methodologies on your improvement efforts. The documentation and templates that you already use can be stored in KaiNexus, so your staff does not have to learn a new way to manage their daily improvement work.

Capture any type of project and improvement with customizable submission forms, even when your users are offline. Provide a simple, unified way for everyone to improve from any screen, no matter what type of improvement they're making.

Data Visualization

Keeping all of your project information and communication in one place is critical for high efficiency and reliability in your process. Track and store all of the key data points and relevant metrics related to each of your projects. Easily log the information, and then it’s available - now, and in the future - to anyone who needs to see it.

Interractice Chart

Enhanced Reporting

KaiNexus provides reporting capabilities that show the impact of your Six Sigma program at all levels of the organization. You can see the impact of specific individuals, work areas, or the entire organization. KaiNexus calculates the cumulative impact of your improvement work for you. 

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Communication among diverse, disparate teams is difficult in most organizations. Improve the way your team works on projects by making communication smooth and effortless, allowing for direct communication, regular project updates, and active notifications that keep the right people informed about relevant information at the appropriate time.

Attribute Reporting

Engage Your Leaders

KaiNexus makes it easy for your staff and leaders to submit Opportunities for Improvement targeted toward specific organizational strategies. Leaders can easily create and manage larger projects in KaiNexus, and executive management has access to quick and easy 360 degree views of the progress and impact of the work.

Streamline Improvement

Accurately resolving and documenting your process, conclusion, and impact is critical to establishing a successful continuous improvement process. KaiNexus makes this step simple, capturing all necessary information in a structured resolution process that streamlines your project reporting across the organization.


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World-Class Service

When you partner with KaiNexus, you're assigned a dedicated account team that dives headfirst into your improvement culture. We identify how you currently do things, what you'd like to improve, and what your goals are. Then we work hand-in-hand to customize KaiNexus to fit your precise needs.


Custom Training

Technical difficulties should never stand between your people and improvement. That's why our team customizes a training regime specific to your organization. You'll get a combination of live and recorded custom training sessions that address your unique priorities, use-cases, and team members.


Advanced Security

Data security must always be a top concern for your organizations implementing software of any type. It is especially important when the solution involves managing confidential improvement work. With KaiNexus, there's no need for concern.