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Continuous Quality Improvement Software for Healthcare


Leading Healthcare Organizations Turn to KaiNexus toDrive Safety, Quality, and Patient Satisfaction.


Starting a quest for continuous improvement is one of the most significant steps a healthcare organization can take. Continuous improvement requires focusing on the patients’ needs, keeping employees engaged and empowered, and constantly making adjustments to processes related to patient care, administration, finance, facilities, and more. It requires effective problem-solving, collaboration, and leadership.

While the concept of continuous improvement is not new, today’s top healthcare organizations take a modern approach to achieving excellence by deploying software designed to help manage the journey toward perfection. KaiNexus is proud to help our healthcare clients reach their goals with tools that support executives and front-line staff every step of the way.

How Does KaiNexus Power Continuous Improvement in Healthcare?

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Unify Your Organization

Align Improvement to Achieve Your Organizational Goals



Cross-Functional Collaboration

In the search for continuous improvement, you’ll likely find that some of the biggest problems occur when transitioning from one team or functional area to another. Many of the improvement projects that will have the biggest impact require cross-functional collaboration. KaiNexus helps unify the organization by giving everyone one platform to work from and a consistent language around improvement work.

Comprehensive Search Capabilities

KaiNexus becomes your team’s repository of institutional knowledge. That’s why we’ve made it easy to find records of past improvement work based on keywords or categories of project. Our clients make it standard practice to build on past successes and learn from projects that miss the mark.

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Improvement Broadcasting

When a process improvement is implemented, it is essential to recognize and applaud the people who made it happen. Announcing and celebrating success is how leaders create a culture that prizes improvement. KaiNexus makes this standard operating procedure by including an improvement broadcasting.

Device Independence

Especially in a fast-paced healthcare organization, the best ideas for improvement may not come when team members are conveniently sitting at a desk, but if people can’t engage in the moment, thoughts get lost, or other priorities take precedence. That’s why KaiNexus has apps for Android and iOS, so it is always available on whatever device your team members prefer.

Strategy Dashboard

Strategy Alignment

Continuous improvement can not happen if people aren’t working toward the same ends. Improvement projects should be linked to the strategy and breakthrough goals of the organization. KaiNexus aids leaders as they cascade goals down from the strategic level to individual goals. Our goal setting features give everyone a clear view of how their improvement work will impact the broader strategy.

Incident Reporting

Unexpected incidents happen, but they should only occur one time. With KaiNexus, workers can report any kind of incident from accidents to equipment malfunctions, so every incident leads to improvement. With KaiNexus, you can ensure that everyone knows the root cause of the incident and the corrective action to prevent a recurrence. 


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Scale Improvement

How Do You Engage Your Entire Organization?

Data Visualization

People understand images much more quickly and internally than text. That’s why the KaiNexus solution for healthcare includes charts, graphs, and dashboards that make the progress of projects and the health of improvement culture immediately clear.

Bowling Chart-1
Team Metrics

Configurable Views and Boards

Staff members won't adopt any software tool that doesn't provide value to them. That's why the solution must be configurable so that each employee gets the information in a format that makes sense for their role and responsibilities. With KaiNexus, everyone has access to the information they need, no matter what time it is or where they happen to be.

Activity, Engagement, & Impact Reports

Healthcare leaders are responsible for creating a culture that supports the pursuit of perfection. Achieving this goal requires deep insight into the people, teams, and functions that are actively engaged in continuous improvement. KaiNexus provides that knowledge with visually rich reports that detail the number of improvement projects in progress, who is contributing, and how that work is impacting important system metrics.

Location engagement board

Workflow with Notifications and Alerts

In order to remove friction from the process of improvement, KaiNexus includes email notifications and alerts to help keep everyone on track and on top of each project. Notifications let supervisors know when there is a new opportunity for improvement that needs review. Alerts make it clear when a deadline is pending, ensuring that no project falls through the cracks.


World-Class Service

When you join the KaiNexus community, you get a dedicated account team that partners with you to build your improvement culture. We document how you currently do things, understand what you'd like to improve, and identify your goals. Then we work together to configure KaiNexus to fit your precise needs.


Custom Training

Technology should never stand between your people and improvement. That's why we customize a training plan specific to your healthcare organization. You'll have access to a combination of live and recorded custom training sessions that address your specific priorities, use-cases, and team composition.


Advanced Security

Data security should always be a top concern for healthcare organizations implementing software of any type. It is especially critical when it involves managing improvement work, which contains information that you want to keep confidential. That’s why KaiNexus uses secure web pages (SSL) and encrypted data.