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Welcome to KaiNexus


A Complete Introduction to Improvement Software

KN Intro


Intro to KaiNexus 

Download and share the slides:

  • An overview of continuous improvement
  • Problems inherent to spreading an improvement culture
  • How KaiNexus solves those problems
  • Core KaiNexus features
  • Customer testimonials

Hello, We're KaiNexus

Get to Know Us with these Videos

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Meet Our Customers

There's a Reason the Best & Brightest Rely on KaiNexus to Spread Improvement

Who's Using KaiNexus?


Before KaiNexus

See what these customers have to say about the state of their improvement cultures before and after partnering with KaiNexus.


Greater Implementation

KaiNexus customers implement over 75% of the improvements they capture. See how our customers are pulling that off.


Spread Improvement

 Learn how KaiNexus spreads an improvement culture faster and deeper  from people who have been there, and done that.

How Do Our Customers Use KaiNexus?

One Platform to Do It All


100-Day Workout


KaiNexus Milestones




Problem-Solving Storyboard


Balanced Scorecards




Most KaiNexus Customers Achieve 100% ROI with One Improvement

That's a Pretty Safe Investment, Don't You Think?

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The ROI of KaiNexus


See the ROI of KaiNexus in this eBook.

Most KaiNexus customers achieve 100% ROI with a single improvement. With an average impact of $13,000 per user each year, justifying an investment in the software is a piece of cake.

See how this impact is achieved.

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An Introduction to:

KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Software

Download this free eBook to learn:

  • How to tell if you need continuous improvement software or not
  • What the advantages of using software to manage your continuous improvement efforts are
  • What features to look for in a good software solution
How to Choose an Improvement Platform

How to Choose an Improvement Platform

Download this free eBook to learn:

  • Benefits of improvement software
  • Does your organization need an improvement platform?
  • Why not just use Excel, analog boards, or a suggestion box?
  • Improvement software feature checklist
  • How to evaluate vendors
  • How software supports popular improvement techniques
  • Implementation best practices

Improvement Software Comparison Matrix

Download this free matrix to:

  • See a list of all features and functionality available in improvement platforms
  • Calculate a weighted score for each platform based on available features and your organization's unique needs
  • Make an educated, intentional choice about which improvement platform is the best fit for your organization

KaiNexus Features Guide


KaiNexus Features Guide

Download this features guide to see:

  • The benefits of of KaiNexus
  • What types of organizations need KaiNexus
  • Who should engage with KaiNexus
  • KaiNexus features

eBook Visual Management


Visual Management

How to Transform Data into Continuous Improvement

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How visual management spreads improvement
  • Everyday examples of visual management
  • Lean visual tools
  • The essential features of visual management software
  • 7 signs your organization needs visual management
  • 8 benefits of digital huddle boards

Virtual Improvement eBook


Virtual Improvement

How to Maintain Momentum With a Remote Workforce

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How to keep a remote workforce active and engaged.
  • Ideas for making Kaizen events virtual, yet effective.
  • How (and why) to walk the Gemba even when everyone is working from home.
  • How to help your team be mindful of the 8 wastes of Lean while working remotely.