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How KaiNexus Helped GreenState Credit Union Move Beyond Excel

Before KaiNexus:

Pam Pothoven, Engagement and Culture Director at GreenState Credit Union, was already used to using some form of technology for their improvement program. Her employees “worked off Excel spreadsheets.” Pam mentioned that “[Her] whole company [was] filled with spreadsheets.”


After KaiNexus:

The change was a little easier for Pam Pothoven because of her and GreenState Credit Union’s history with Excel. “The thing about [spreadsheets] is they sit to the side. You have to email them to someone,” said Pam. “We’ve taken those spreadsheets, uploaded them into KaiNexus, and so now we have people who can see all the ideas, can manage them, and implement them.”

“[KaiNexus] definitely allowed us to implement far more ideas than those excel spreadsheets just sitting there.”


GreenState Credit Union also found success with the Milestone feature in KaiNexus. An employee submits an idea, and with Milestones, you can see the entire improvement cycle. This helps employees better understand how important it is to drive to the root cause and go beyond just submitting an improvement.

Bringing in a continuous improvement software platform like KaiNexus allowed GreenState Credit Union's program to flourish. Leaders at GreenState were able to be more effective coaches and spread and manage more improvements.


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