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Workflow Improvement Solutions

Structured Improvement Management


KaiNexus Supports Every Type of Workflow Improvement

Standardize Improvement by Doing Everything in One Platform

Daily Improvements  -  Kaizen Events  -  Value Stream Maps  -  Toyota Kata  -  Just Do Its  -  Hoshin Kanri  -  A3s  -  Rapid Improvement Events  -  PDCA  -  Strategy Deployment  -  Custom Improvement Types

Continuous Improvement Software

A simple, standardized way to manage any type of improvement from your computer, email, or phone. Customize every detail to fit your unique needs and create as many types of improvements as you want.


Create and manage improvement projects of any size, scope, or specification. Track projects, deploy strategy, organize improvement events, and manage specialized training all in one platform.

Unify Your Improvement Workflows

with a Simple and Consistent Methodology



Customize. Standardize.

Capture any type of project and improvement with customizable submission forms, even when your users are offline. Provide a simple, unified way for everyone to improve from any screen, no matter what type of improvement they're making.

Custom Improvement Templates
Improvement Alerts

Smart Notifications

Get the right information at the right time in the right way with email and in-app notifications that include everything you need - and nothing that you don't - on your schedule.


Team Collaboration

Build cross functional teams that communicate faster and better. KaiNexus makes it easy to work together on improvement, no matter where your team is or what they do, with features like commenting, activity logs, voting, and attachments.


Lean Team Collaboration
Improvement Team Engagement

Streamline Communication

Get out of your inbox and into KaiNexus to increase visibility, accountability, and efficiency by tracking all of your improvement communication in one spot.


Flexibility & Customization

KaiNexus Adapts to Fit Your Workflows

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Manage Tasks

Maintain momentum and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks by assigning tasks to delegate work, stay on top of due dates, and keep a record of who's done  what. You can even set up task dependencies, so that new tasks will activate as upstream tasks are completed!

Improvement Task Management
Monitor Improvement Activity

Increase Accountability

Transparency leads to accountability. Give leaders increased visibility into the improvement process and empower your managers to lead successful teams


A Single Source of Information

Share files and links right on each improvement and project to keep all resources in one place and accessible to everyone. Quit shuffling through shared drives. Keep it simple.

Improvement Knowledge Repository
Interactive Improvement Charts

Bring Your Data to Life

Customize charts to monitor the metrics that you’re working to improve. Put your data next to your improvements so that everyone can see it. Whether you need control charts, Pareto charts, bowling charts, track progress toward your goals in KaiNexus.


Keep Score

See a real-time analysis of the activity and engagement of your improvement culture, and set goals to ensure your organization is improving in these areas. Understand the impact that each improvement and project has on your organization's goals. Identify the target ROI for improvements and projects, track projections throughout implementation, and compare with your final impact.


Improvement Project Impact Report
Improvement Milestones

Custom Workflows

Standardize improvement across your organization, no matter how diverse that work is. KaiNexus' Milestones enable you to set a workflow for any type of improvement so the right steps happen promptly in the right order.


Weighted Scoring

When there are a plethora of improvements to be made, it's important that senior leaders guide stakeholders to make objective, strategic decisions about what should be prioritized. Creating a custom weighted scoring system allows people at all levels of the organization to evaluate the complexity, risk, priority, etc.  of any initiative based on predetermined criteria.

Improvements can be better targeted toward strategic objectives when priorities and targets are clearly defined and shared.

Weighted Score on an OI.jpg

Track All Your Work in One Spot

Keep track of due dates for all improvement work in one spot with a calendar that automatically updates to reflect changes. Get email reminders alerting you when a due date is approaching. Improve the way you improve.


Multiple Views of Improvement Work