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Engage your employees! 
Improve safety, quality, and your bottom line - TODAY.

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Empower. Improve.

Your employees do the work.
They should improve the work too.

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You already have people who know how to:

  • Engage Employees
  • Improve Safety
  • Accelerate Revenue
  • Maximize Efficiency
  • Increase Quality
  • Minimize Time to Market
  • Reduce Cost
  • Enhance Customer Service
  • Decrease Waste

However, they aren't always included in the conversation,
so they don't get heard.  The KaiNexus software platform changes this by helping drive, share, and sustain improvement.  We make improvement happen.



Capture Opportunities for Improvement


Support Action with Simple Workflows


Measure and Report 


Communication Fosters Future Engagement

KaiNexus is a cloud-based operational improvement software platform that:

  • Makes it easy for employees who do the work to improve the work
  • Helps you manage big projects and small improvements
  • Measures impact
  • Recognizes and rewards your employees
  • Fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement
  • Provides visibility to all improvement work including Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma, and more.
Our customers use KaiNexus to make improvement happen. They achieve
real impact in a variety of financial and quality measures, continuously 
improving their bottom line AND the quality of their goods and services.
See The Actual Impact - $44,388,796 and Counting!
Who's Using KaiNexus?
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"KaiNexus has not only enabled thousands of hours in waste elimination from our processes, but has also been a catalyst for cultural change across the organization."

     - Andy Lehman
       Senior VP, IT and Analytics
       Kettering Health Network

"KaiNexus is helping us support and sustain a culture of incremental improvements coming from staff, developing our staff to not only do their jobs, but also to make their jobs better."
     - Ron Smith
       Process Improvement Coordinator
       Medical Center