The KaiNexus software platform is designed to empower people to improve your organization:

Structured Improvement Management

The KaiNexus platform is designed around Opportunities for Improvement.  Each Opportunity can be a standalone suggestion, idea, observation, problem, or part of a strategic project. Some Opportunities may consist of just one task and one owner, while others may require more intricate project management including multiple tasks and team members.  KaiNexus supports either situation and matches the workflow to the complexity of the problem to facilitate both "bottom-up" and "top-down" improvement.

KaiNexus becomes the definitive source of improvement within your organization by allowing documents, links, comments, and activities to be easily associated with every Opportunity.  Our platform provides maximum visibility and accountability into every improvement step.   

Active Notifications

The appropriate leader, manager, or supervisor is automatically notified when an Opportunity for Improvement is submitted.  This simple, but critical feature ensures that leaders give due attention to each Opportunity and that nothing falls through the cracks, as so often happens with suggestion boxes or email.

Impact Reporting

KaiNexus makes it easy to categorize and quantify the impact of each Opportunity in terms of cost savings, time savings, and other gains, making it easy to report on the success of improvement efforts over time.  Executives can effortlessly review the impact of each individual Opportunity, create reports for various departments, and quantify the collective impact of all Opportunities across the organization.

Improvement Broadcast

Once an Opportunity for Improvement is completed, it is important to broadcast the great news to promote the sharing of best practices and encourage engagement between teams, divisions, and your entire staff.  To keep email traffic to a minimum, KaiNexus delivers a personalized daily digest that synthesizes all of the day’s relevant improvement news.

Built – In Recognition

We realize that it is important to recognize and reward the employees who are working hard to improve your organization’s overall operations by reporting and resolving Opportunities.  KaiNexus makes it easy for managers to identify your outstanding employees and includes a "virtual badging" system to ensure your team knows their contributions are valued.  

Actionable Metrics for Leaders

KaiNexus provides detailed charts and graphs to help your leaders measure the impact of improvement work and see the volume and progress of suggested Opportunities.  By categorizing Opportunities and creating an instituional body of knowledge, KaiNexus makes your improvement work searchable for future reference. 

Easy to Deploy

Because the KaiNexus platform is cloud-based software as a service, it can  be accessed from any browser or mobile device.  There is no hardware or software to install at your location, and setup is a breeze.  The system is also intuitive, and data entry is easy enough that most staff will need very little training to get started.  Staff can even submit Opportunities from mobile devices and emails.

Our improvement experts are happy to walk you through a quick demonstration so that you can see each of these key features for yourself and learn how quickly your team can be empowered to improve.